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January 26, 2021

Day 13 - How to Procrastinate

Day 13 - How to Procrastinate

Life should consist in at least 50% pure waste of time, and the rest doing what you please. - Isabel Patterson

Decide there is something you need to do today. Put it on a list. As the morning unfolds, notice what is being scratched off above and below it. Start to feel some anxiety. Now almost all of the list is finished. Start a new list. Decide it needs to be rewritten in sharpie. Add things to the list you've already done, have the satisfaction of scratching them out. Highlight project in yellow.

Decide it is time. Or that you have the time. Or that you are willing to do it for 20 minutes. Gather up everything you need. Too early for wine, maybe a cup of soothing green tea? Notice the kitchen counter is full of breadcrumbs, start cleaning. As long as you've got the broom out, might as well sweep the front porch, after all it is important for Feng Shui as it represents Career/Life Path. Prune the geraniums, consider what needs to be watered, add “wash car.”

Come back inside, go pee, observe project all laid out on the kitchen table. Better go brush teeth, shower, change clothes, make the bed, set the Roomba to work. Time to check emails, texts, Instagram, the guild competition, collect coins and crystals on June's Journey, do the Spelling Bee, Letterbox, save the New York Times crossword puzzle to be a reward for finishing the project.

Sit down. Align everything on the table. Think about all the other projects on your list, how great it will feel when they are done. Pick up your pen. Let the cat out. Let the cat in. Feed the cat. Wash the water bowl and put in fresh water with an ice cube because it's hot outside today. Smoke a bowl, have a little snack, notice the thermostat, put on the fan, add “replace filters.”

Pet the cat. Take pictures of the cat. Post to Facebook. Check other posts. Google “News.” Scroll through endless sound bites. Ask Siri to see more of this and less of that. Delete photos. Delete old emails. Delete old email addresses. Clear call history. Delete all old texts. Feel virtuous.

Sit down, organize papers, review what has been done, staple, collate, go look for paper clips in the junk drawer. Organize the junk drawer. Rearrange the cork bulletin board according to the principles of Feng Shui. Clean the trash can, look in the fridge, look in the freezer, look in the pantry. Almost out of almonds. Add to list. Empty the dish rack, the dishwasher, consider doing laundry, even though it's already on next week's list. Put on some music. Breathe now that everything is clean, tidy, organized, and just so. Let the cat in. Let the cat be on your lap. Now you're truly immobilized. After some time passes, move the cat gently. Put your project on your lap. Give it your full attention. Begin today's writing prompt, "Write about something you know how to do."

January 19, 2021

Day 24 - Loss

I don't often lose my temper or even my cool 
Unless someone makes me look like a fool 
Yes, the backs of earrings, countless pens, 
My way on the highway, one or two good friends.

The black and persimmon velvet scarf, that one sweater, 
Quite a few emails, as well as some important letters, 
My glasses at least a couple times a day,
When hiking in the Land of Medicine Buddha, I really lost my way.

Lost my best friend during the divorce, 
Had to close my bookstore in due course,
The recounts are done the electoral vote widens,
Will Trump ever cede he has lost to Biden?

The loss of lives, now a quarter million,
Will some fat cat makes another billion,
Sewing seeds of self-doubt, poverty and despair,
The nation's loss is a despot affair.

I've lost my job, my clients, and my wages,
All I can do now is write these pandemic pages,
In reviewing my losses, what do I find -
Of all the things I've lost, what I miss most is my mind.

January 6, 2021


Nothing to say, nothing to do
Nothing unusual, nothing new,
Nothing on my mind, nothing on my plate,
Absolutely nothing happened on this date.

There's nothing on TV, or on the radio,
Bored of my CDs, nothing on the stereo,
Fridge is empty, there's nothing to eat,
No shoes or socks, there's nothing on my feet.

Nowhere to go, no one to see,
Nothing but time that's absolutely free, 
Nothing to do but love and a world of hate,
Nothing can do right now but simply wait, 

For the vaccine, jobs, electoral college votes,
Really nothing to do right now, but simply hope.
Congress will stop doing nothing, step up instead,
Jail the politicians, who all made their own bed.

Nothing but lies, corruption, and greed, 
Nothing but change can correct dirty deeds.
Nothing to do right now, but exactly this, 
Nothing but poetry, can save me from the abyss. 

Clearing my mine now, empty of all thoughts,
No - Thing - ness helps to connect the dots, 
Dropping into my center, nothing else to do, 
Everything is reborn yet nothing is new.

December 12, 2020

Pandemic Blues

Pandemic Blues

Leafing through my Pandemic Pages
Aware of all the lost time and wages
We all need a little more reassurance
At least I'm getting unemployment insurance
Got those Corona Virus Blues...

It's been nine months of lock-down, COVID-19
I've done 300 crossword puzzles in between
Doom scrolling, social distancing, wearing a mask
Shelter in place, trust me, you don't have to ask
Got those early morning drinking Quarantinis Blues...

Herd Immunity or herd mentality
Trump simply smacks of banality
Take a breath for George Floyd
There's lots of reasons to be paranoid
Got those Breonna Taylor Blues...

White fragility and confederate flags
No longer able to use reusable bags
Six feet apart, flatten the curve
Essential workers continue to serve
Got those Fake News Conspiracy Blues...

Hoax, flat-earther or anti-vax
Now the battle is about anti-mask
Protests in Portland, appeals to trust us
Now a new supreme court justice
Got those Ruth Bader-Ginsburg Blues...

Despite allegations, who to accuse,
Voter fraud dismissed, try to be amused
Every day the gap does widen
Will Trump ever cede to Biden?
Got those electoral college blues...

2020 has been a year of hindsight
Maybe we can change that into kind sight
The New Normal, face-time, vote by mail
At least we have toilet paper and a take out cocktail
Got those deep Pandemic Blues...