April 14, 2021

Vaccination Vignettes

Biden's healthcare rolls across the nation,
Essential workers all staff their station,
The pandemic certainly has not been any staycation! 
Still I wonder when I'll get my vaccination,
Got them there's no appointment blues ...

Everyday, every morning I go online, 
Hoping for a shot, but none do I find, 
PAMF, Sutter, Kaiser are all in a bind 
Not enough doses for both yours and mine...
Got them lack of resources blues...

Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, even Pfizer,
Will modern medicine make us any wiser?
Trickle down economics reveals the true miser,
I think right now we could all use a tranquilizer.
Got them mRNA blues...

Then there's the anti-vaxxers who refuse to believe,
Add them to the list of my new pet peeves,
Myself, I'm ready to roll up my sleeves,
Rather get a shot then go on sick leaves.
Got them old-fashioned conspiracy blues...

I'm willing to feel ill after a second dose,
Not sure if my first appointment is even close,
My last flu shot left me feeling really gross,
But better than ending up medically comatose.
Got them Corona virus blues...

My husband's had his shots, so has my dad, 
Both of these makes my heart really glad,
Folks who choose not to vaccinate make me feel sad,
If only this pandemic was simply a passing fad,
Got them heard immunity blues...

Because I'm concerned about my health,
It's my biggest investment, my personal wealth,
I get up at midnight to go under stealth,
Maybe it would be easier if I lived in a Commonwealth...
Got them can't seem to get an appointment blues...