May 12, 2021

How To Love This World

It's easy to get caught up in the news
Easy to feel those Covid-19 Blues 
Too easy to keep scrolling down
Just two muscles needed to frown

When it takes forty-three to actually smile
But who wants to go that extra mile?
So remember to turn off the phone,
Computer, and TV, really just be alone

Notice the wind rustling spring green
Smell the ocean salt in the breeze
Feel the sun on your cheek, be aware of the shade
Squirrels in the shadows, wren eggs are laid 

And explosion of lilac by the Thai lime tree
Orange crocosmia, weeds struggle to be free
The friendly neighbor, chatting over the fence
Succulents packed together, lush and dense 

Having the time to simply unwind and unfurl
The fern's fronds come out of hibernation's curl
Across the street young folks it on the porch
The next generation to hopefully carry the torch

So smile and wave, be a part of the solution
Come on and join in the kindness revolution
Starting with yourself, forgive and forget
Hold on to the sweetness, let go of regret

Remember to be present, to simply be here
Fill your body with hope, dispel the fear
If there's food in the fridge, share your table 
Help your elders when you are able

By paying Scotty to mow Anita's lawn
Pulling back the curtains everyday to greet the dawn
Petting the black cat, give her whiskers a twirl
These are some ways to simply love the world.

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