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January 6, 2021


Nothing to say, nothing to do
Nothing unusual, nothing new,
Nothing on my mind, nothing on my plate,
Absolutely nothing happened on this date.

There's nothing on TV, or on the radio,
Bored of my CDs, nothing on the stereo,
Fridge is empty, there's nothing to eat,
No shoes or socks, there's nothing on my feet.

Nowhere to go, no one to see,
Nothing but time that's absolutely free, 
Nothing to do but love and a world of hate,
Nothing can do right now but simply wait, 

For the vaccine, jobs, electoral college votes,
Really nothing to do right now, but simply hope.
Congress will stop doing nothing, step up instead,
Jail the politicians, who all made their own bed.

Nothing but lies, corruption, and greed, 
Nothing but change can correct dirty deeds.
Nothing to do right now, but exactly this, 
Nothing but poetry, can save me from the abyss. 

Clearing my mine now, empty of all thoughts,
No - Thing - ness helps to connect the dots, 
Dropping into my center, nothing else to do, 
Everything is reborn yet nothing is new.

December 24, 2020

Day 22 - Joy


Day 22 - Joy

Hummingbirds, calicos, the Coretta Scott King rose,

Sun on my face compared to the chill on my nose,

The honking geese flying overhead,

Fresh clean sheets on a fresh made bed.

Tinkling wind chimes, soft fairy lights,

The sound of rainfall on a late summer night.

Living by the ocean, hearing waves and the seals,

Simple, organic, yummy, delicious meals.

Being in the garden, feeling at home,

Cuddling with my husband, tho'  I like to be alone,

Painting, drawing, using scissors and glue,

Writing silly stories, love letters and Haiku.

Singing in the car, dancing with the band,

Hiking in the redwoods, digging toes into sand.

Pet rocks, house plants, crystals and antiques,

Murals on my walls, artwork that's unique.

Collecting cat whiskers, cobalt blue bottles, and tattoos

More than anything else, living here in Santa Cruz.

The Boardwalk, Marine Center, monarch butterflies,

Surfers, tourists, friends, neighbors, and allies.

Good friends, good wine, good conversation,

Being a witness to an ever changing nation,

Wearing long skirts, tho' at heart still a tomboy,

These are a few of the things that I truly enjoy.

Blessed Be!

Kayla Garnet Rose, 2020

December 12, 2020

Pandemic Blues

Pandemic Blues

Leafing through my Pandemic Pages
Aware of all the lost time and wages
We all need a little more reassurance
At least I'm getting unemployment insurance
Got those Corona Virus Blues...

It's been nine months of lock-down, COVID-19
I've done 300 crossword puzzles in between
Doom scrolling, social distancing, wearing a mask
Shelter in place, trust me, you don't have to ask
Got those early morning drinking Quarantinis Blues...

Herd Immunity or herd mentality
Trump simply smacks of banality
Take a breath for George Floyd
There's lots of reasons to be paranoid
Got those Breonna Taylor Blues...

White fragility and confederate flags
No longer able to use reusable bags
Six feet apart, flatten the curve
Essential workers continue to serve
Got those Fake News Conspiracy Blues...

Hoax, flat-earther or anti-vax
Now the battle is about anti-mask
Protests in Portland, appeals to trust us
Now a new supreme court justice
Got those Ruth Bader-Ginsburg Blues...

Despite allegations, who to accuse,
Voter fraud dismissed, try to be amused
Every day the gap does widen
Will Trump ever cede to Biden?
Got those electoral college blues...

2020 has been a year of hindsight
Maybe we can change that into kind sight
The New Normal, face-time, vote by mail
At least we have toilet paper and a take out cocktail
Got those deep Pandemic Blues...

January 27, 2020

Casual Dress

I am of the age
That dress casual refers to
Just how much
Cat hair 
Is on my particular outfit
In the moment.

April 18, 2019

Growing Pains

Pull on that cashmere sweater,
Sure could fit much better.
Same with the velvet pants,
They won't take me to any dance.

Buttons that no longer close,
Runs in old pantyhose.
Favorite shirts, all worn or stained,
Floral skirts, tight and strained.

Not a moments guilt, no hesitation,
Throw them in the box for donation.
They served me once, maybe twice,
On someone else they'll look real nice.

Empty hangers, potential space,
No longer interested in being just a pretty face,
But really comfortable in my skin,
Not just because once I was thin.

Clearing the closets, shelf by shelf,
Finally I have outgrown judging myself.
Soon I'll go on a shopping spree,
And discover just what really suits me.

Blessed be.

January 16, 2019

Small Changes

Ruby-throated hummingbird
Sending me hot flashes
Hormonal morse code
Brilliant crimson embed
Stillness in constant motion

Spiderwebs connote stillness
Ancient mansions with 
Dusty sheets over furniture

Yet the spider is in constant motion
Working and reworking
Never bitching or moaning
Like I do

Here is another day
Another routine
Maybe a small change in the pattern
To create perpetual improvement

January 2, 2019

Blessings in Disguise

"There is a blessing on the wide road".  - w.s.merwin

Come and gather together, it's that time of year,
Here at the crossroads, your direction is clear.
Go ahead and welcome Hecate with a grin,
Here comes Papa Legba, remember to invite him in.

Offer up a glass of water, a prayer of gratitude,
A smooth river rock, a forgiving attitude.
Light some sage and lavender, clear the space,
Have some colorful candles to illuminate the place.

Take a moment to pause, time for reflection,
No matter what, you're in the right direction.
And as you turn the corner, sweet surprise,
Anything could be a blessing in disguise.

Happy New Year!
Love and Light,


December 5, 2018

Mercury Retrospect

I feel my heart in my chest, heavy and weighted,
Secrets locked deep, shields up.
Hibernating, stewing in my mental juices,
A cauldron of the past percolates memories.

I stir, notice what comes up to the surface,
What is on my mind, my roller coaster of emotions.
Swallowing the little things, let them go,
Moving upon bigger things, purging the past.

Giving myself permission
To cultivate more lightheartedness,
I allow myself to laugh...
With the universal trickster, coyote.

The witch cackling over her bubbles,
Completion of spells, the casting out of doubts...
The transformation has begun.

October 30, 2018

Adventures of A Baby Moon

 Join Claire de la Lune in The Adventures of Baby Moon. A charming illustrated children's book filled with pleasing watercolors, perfect for reading at story time, bedtime or any time. Claire discovers the seasons, connects with family and friends, and yes, even helps to save the day. Written and illustrated by Kayla Garnet Rose, Ph.D.
This is my granddaughter Claire who was born on October 21, 2018. I wrote and illustrated this book to honor her parents, the Moon Family, and as a surprise gift for their baby shower.

I had taken a class in illustrating children's books last spring at Cabrillo College, as well as classes in both watercolor and travel sketching. We got to go on field trips to Moss Landing, Castro Adobe State Park in Watsonville, the Sesnon House in Aptos, and a wonderful day painting at the Shadowbrook in Capitola.

I wrote the poem after my stepdaughter came in for a hypnobirthing session. After printing it out on white paper, I ripped out each verse and colored the edges to create a scroll-like feel, then glued them into my sketchbook where I had prepared the watercolor backgrounds embellished with some pen and ink details.

Next, I scanned all the images into the computer to create a PDF which I could upload to KindleDirect, which also had a tool in order to create the front and back covers. I ordered a proof and next thing I knew, voila, a book was born.
I have two more children's books in the works, one tentatively titled, Grandma's Got Tattoos. My intention is to create books that appeal to the imagination, are lighthearted and whimsical, and are easily enjoyed by both kids and grown-ups alike. These will be based on some of the classic hypnosis scripts such as The Hero's Journey and I hope they will be especially suitable for those with ADD and ADHD to find solutions to feel calm, focused, and relaxed. 

The book is currently available for sale at the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center's gift and bookshop. Ask your favorite local bookstore or simply click on the link below to order your copy of The Adventures of a Baby Moon, and as always, thank you for all the support, constructive criticism, suggestions, and heartfelt encouragement!

Blessed Be.

October 18, 2018

A Writer’s Talisman

Go out when the Harvest moon is full,
Cut yourself a slender switch by
Pruning the plum runners
-Those suckers of energy-
Remember to ask permission first.

Strip the tender green leaves,
Gently bend into a circle,
Weaving in and out, in and out.
Let it dry in the morning sun for a few weeks,
Until the New Moon is as thin
As a newborn’s fingernail clipping.

Now, begin braiding in your tales.
Dreamcatcher, pentacle, gods eye,
Or simply a spiders web.
Find your tin sewing box that's
Full of needles and embroidery threads.
Take the time to untangle
Silver and gold strings,
Satin ribbons, bits of knobby yarns,
Projects once begun, not necessarily done.
Measure out your silk cords,
Cut them like one of the Fates.

Begin to add the ephemera collected,
The spiritual smegma of the past:
Broken charm bracelets, lone earrings,
A tiny Aladdin's lamp, a tinier key,
Hummingbird skulls and raven feathers,
Your mother's beads, grandmother's pearls,
Antique buttons from your mother-in-law.
The helping hand milagra,
Other tokens of luck or affections past.
Maybe add in a wisdom tooth or
That first baby tooth your child lost,
You know you have it somewhere,
Take the time to find it.

Snow white seashells with holes,
Pale green sea glass jaded by time.
A lachrymal filled to the brim with
The dried salt from an ocean of tears.
Use glue for butterfly wings, other things,
And, of course, add some glitter -
Really, make it yours.

Don’t tie on the wishbone,
Remember, you have a backbone.
Choose instead snake vertebrae,
Relics of coyote found in the desert.
Keys that have been lost in the junk drawer-
They still unlock your imagination.
A crystal to reflect all your facets.
Don’t worry if it’s chipped,
It will cast more rainbows that way.

Honor all the elements.

As you work, remember:
Every bead, every breath,
Every knot is a prayer.
Tie everything three times while chanting:

In the name of the maiden,
The mother and the crone,
I'm here by myself, but never alone.

When it feels almost complete,
Or at least good enough,
Hang it above your desk,
In the window, the tree outside.
And as the wind ruffles the feathers,
Makes the beads clink, bells tinkle,
Take in their essence and
Let them come out as stories...

Sit now, here in this sacred space,
The corner of the kitchen table,
Cats meowing for attention.
Write it all down in your women’s notebook,
Ubiquitous journal, book of shadows,
Every memory, every symbol.
Because, you know, as they say...


Blessed be.

KGR 10/17/2018

September 3, 2018

Poem for my Hubbikins

Poem for my Hubbikins

It’s time for the weekly cleanse
Whether you need it or not,
So step into that running water
While it is nice and hot…

Set your divine intention
As you step into the shower,
Stand all the way upright
Yes, really feel your power!

And if it is your wife’s love
That you want to be most certain,
Please remember, my darling,
To shut the frickin' curtain.

Yes, your wife does not like to nag
It makes her feel grumpy and old,
But otherwise the bathroom
Will surely be plagued by mold!

So after you dry each of your balls
With infinite love and care,
Remember your sweetest of wifikins
And this wonderful bathroom we share.

Blessed Be!

May 3, 2018

Thoughts on Cats

It's two in the morning and I don't know how,
You awake me with barely a sound.
There was a time you were more nimble,
And it was easy for you to go out the window.

But now with arthritis in each of your hips,
You hop down the stairs with little bunny blips.
I let you out, grumbling back up the stairs,
But just an hour later, it's the same old fare.

Now I can hear you, crying crystal clear,
I'm worried you'll wake all of the neighbors here.
So again I work my way down the flight,
Letting you back in, my shadow of the night.

You are my kindred, my companion right now,
All you have to do is " just say meow"!
I'll do anything, because deep in my heart,
When it comes to cats, I'm generous to a fault.

Kayla Garnet Rose, Ph.D.
Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Mindfulness Coach


October 5, 2016

Vibrissae or My Cat Whisker Collection

Why do I collect whiskers? I don't really know.
It started on a whim, about 25 years ago.
Now I have almost two hundred, call me crazy,
From about a dozen different cats, and a dog named Maisy.

First whiskers from Zelda, then Sadie Baby,
By now I might be turning into that kind of cat lady.
They are my companions, familiars and kin,
In this funny way I honor their fuzzy contributions.

Whiskers are cool, here's some facts:
They are not just hair upon the cats.
Known as vibrissae, sensitive touch receptors,
They act like radar, little kitty interceptors.

Whiskers help cats to perceive, especially at night,
Fit in small places, figure out if they're tight.
Really, they act as the ultimate sensory guage,
And just like us, whiskers change color with age.

You might not believes this, even think it's absurd,
But none of my pets' names are used for my passwords!
Simply talking about the weird thing I collect,
Helps me express my profound feline respect.

Now Roxie! Now Rosie! Now Mango and Poppy!
On, CJ! On, Cotton! On, Alex and Sharkey!
"To the top of porch! To the top of the wall!"
Each of these cats, I have loved them all.

And then we had Maisy, who was very special,
Yes indeedy, she was trans-Pet-ual.
A cat trapped in a dog's body, she could even purr,
She had pop-corny feet, and deep black fur.

As a perpetual cat-lover for all of my life,
Maisy taught me tolerance, acceptance of strife,
Her owner's also transgendered, and I always feel proud,
To be a part of a particularly colorful crowd.

What will I do with these whiskers? Glad you asked,
I think I'll have them scattered, along with my ash.
I'm sure it's clear from what you read above,
What these whiskers really represent -  is unconditional love.

You can see my collection of whiskers displayed alongside other local collections at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History starting October 7th.

July 20, 2016

Messages From Sea Glass

Once I met a wind swept man
Who constructed his days
& spent his nights in craft,
And the time betweens
Sifting the beaches
For bits of precious sea glass.

Milky white, palest aqua,
Sea green, and cobalt blues,
Burnished browns, occasional reds
And the rarest of violet hues.

These shards of the past
Once raw & jagged
Now polished & refined
He would into make jewelry
Creating a holder,
A reminder of the divine.

Solidly set in silver
Skillfully soldered
Edges worked intaglio-
Stars & moons,
Cut outs to reveal
The treasured inner glow.

How like our hearts...

What was once a whole vessel
To whatever elixir
Ambrosia in the moment
Containing the promise of eternity
Infinity in a bottle
Or so we took for granted.

Suddenly smashed & broken
Tumbled by turmoil
Tossed by tides of grief.
Scoured by remorse
Cleansed of regret
These fragments of relief.

Shrapnel of the soul
Now soft, eroded edges
Worn smooth by patience.
Translucent, transcendent,
A constant reminder:
Time is precious.

Sea glass, see glass
See through the looking glass...
Salt tears & wisdom know-
Sand once melted
Sand now scoured
Even glass will flow.

Milky white, palest aqua
Sea green baubles
Hung on sterling chains
Reminding the throat
Reminding the heart
Cherish each moment that remains.

June 20, 2016

Poem for Marya

One day Marya the Creatress was walking her path,
When she realized - she really needed a bath!
She rubbed and she scrubbed at all of her spots,
But nothing seemed to remove those red dots!

Off she went to her favorite healer,
A witch in the woods, a real potion dealer.
Who stood up tall, in pink and white striped socks,
And exclaimed, "Oh my dear - You have chicken pox!"

Now the creatress had wandered both far and near,
She was familiar with the ways of Salmon and Deer.
She knew all about Coyote, and the wily Fox,
But what, oh, what, could she learn from the Chicken Pox?

She thought, she mumbled, she scratched and she itched,
She went through hell and tried not to bitch,
Because now she understood those in chronic pain,
Who deal with a similar hell, again and again...

She went on a vision quest, searching high and low,
Climbed the mountains, basked in the meadow.
On Solstice Night, she discovered wisdom of the Owl-
Whoooo simply said -
Be friends with all that is fair and fowl.

Blessed Be!

January 25, 2016

Angel of Time - Aquarius

An angel came to me with this message:
Always remember your time is precious.

Take the time to hone your craft,
Take the time to sing and laugh.
Go out and sit by the waterfall,
Dance With Love at the enchanted ball.

Take all day to contemplate your life,
Take a minute to let go of your strife.
Spend an hour walking in the forest shade,
Meditate upon the life that you have made.

Invest in your own self reflection,
Allow your deep desires to be resurrected.
Waste not a moment on worry or fear,
Focus instead on all that you hold dear.

Always remember this little rhyme,
There is nothing more valuable than your time.

Blessed Be.

December 23, 2015

Capricorn - The Surfer

She is comfortable in her skins,
Knows how to ride the waves of her emotions,
Always ambitious, gliding through shark infested waters,
Walking on the wind and feeling exaltation in her bones.

She is intimate with the tides,
And respects the workings of the moon.
Confident, hard working, she loves to teach
Others the mysteries of the waters.

Disciplined, she knows her limits.
Has excellent boundaries.
Paradoxically is limitless and boundless,
Deep within her core.

She struts her stuff,
Enjoys sand between her toes,
And no matter what beach, what ocean,
She is always at home.

November 23, 2015

Sagittarius - The Truth Seeker

Soothsayer, Truth sayer
Tell me what you know
Seeker of knowledge
Show me where to go

Scholar of the earth
In touch with your fire
Teach me how
To harness my desire

Centaur woman
With your animal side
Won’t you please
Take me astride

She takes the time
To show me what to do
Focus, pull back,
and really follow through

Spilling lava of the volcano
Erupts after long dormancy
Creates new vistas
Escapes complacency

Sacred Kingfisher
Brings halcyon days
California Poppy
Commemorate her ways

Soothsayer, Truth sayer
Teach me the higher mind
Perpetual student of life
The philosopher who is kind.

October 21, 2015

The Destroyer of Sadness - Scorpio

"You can be addicted to a certain kind of sadness." - Goyte

I am she who dwells on the threshold,
I offer you salvation from that which claims your soul.
Are you willing to look in the mirror, see what holds you back?
Are you willing to accept your abundance as well as what you lack?

What do you really want, what will you sacrifice?
Are you willing to be real, not just being nice?
I am in touch with my power, blessing and curse,
I can bring out the best, I can bring out the worst.

I'm here to help end your fruitless searching,
Liberate your power, destroy what isn't working.
Remember you are a hero, not a victim,
Rebirth is here, honor your self creation.

"Oh Destroyer of Sadness, Come make me Whole." - Astarius

September 23, 2015

The Trapeze Artist - Libra

I am she who flies above the crowds,
I amaze, delight and thrill to the "wows!"
I seem to be dancing high in the air,
Without a single fear, worry, or care.

In this moment of sublime suspension
I am applauded, showered with attention.
I am bright and colourful, attractive and gay,
I make it look easy, but I practice each day.

Dressed in satin and ribbons of gold,
I know I am stunning, balanced, and bold.
I'm here with a purpose, a story to tell,
I love center stage, and I perform very well.

I develop my talents, my skills, and my art,
I will always be the trapeze artist at heart.

Blessed Be.