January 19, 2021

Day 24 - Loss

I don't often lose my temper or even my cool 
Unless someone makes me look like a fool 
Yes, the backs of earrings, countless pens, 
My way on the highway, one or two good friends.

The black and persimmon velvet scarf, that one sweater, 
Quite a few emails, as well as some important letters, 
My glasses at least a couple times a day,
When hiking in the Land of Medicine Buddha, I really lost my way.

Lost my best friend during the divorce, 
Had to close my bookstore in due course,
The recounts are done the electoral vote widens,
Will Trump ever cede he has lost to Biden?

The loss of lives, now a quarter million,
Will some fat cat makes another billion,
Sewing seeds of self-doubt, poverty and despair,
The nation's loss is a despot affair.

I've lost my job, my clients, and my wages,
All I can do now is write these pandemic pages,
In reviewing my losses, what do I find -
Of all the things I've lost, what I miss most is my mind.