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Window to Your Soul

I've worked with Kayla over the past nine years. She is a wise, compassionate and gifted astrologer. I've seen Kayla for tarot, astrology readings and reiki - noting there are other mediums she also uses in her practice as well.

What I appreciate about my relationship with Kayla is, how over the past nine years, she has helped to guide me through new experiences, highs and lows by deeply tapping into myself. While she has illuminated what might be influencing various thoughts or feelings - she was always able to help me connect that to how the universe is speaking to us, and through us.

Not only has she helped me walk my own path, I highly recommend her to others who are seeking to do the same. Thank you, Kayla for your wisdom and care over the years. Grateful for our continued connection! -  Rochelle R. on Yelp

Writer's Talisman

Dr. Rose is an excellent Coach and has guided me to my Life's Purpose of being a Naturopath. Through Astrology she encouraged me to look at the layers of life; through the Tarot she taught me to listen and look inward for answers; and, with Business and Life Coaching she has shown me how to successfully start my business and be helpful and of service to others. - Gina L. on Yelp

Path Meditation

Kayla's energy is both comforting and energizing. When I leave after a session with her, for the first time I can remember, I feel as though life is not only manageable, but navigable. Hopeful. I will continue to see Kayla for hypnotherapy, and if you've been considering it, Kayla's sessions are worth every penny. I can't thank her enough. - Lucy N on Yelp

Listen To Your Heart

As a survivor of the Camp Fire in Paradise, CA I've been dealing with big changes and PTSD. Kayla has been such a blessing during this time! She not only is a very talented hypnotherapist, but also nurturing and empathetic. Kayla is a well rounded healer and I would highly recommend her services. Thank you Kayla for the love and support you so freely offered me during this difficult time! - Kendal G. on Yelp

Pomegranate Meditation

Kayla provides an excellent menu of services that has allowed me to gain powerful insights and growth in both my personal and professional life. She is truly  a master practitioner, mentor and teacher in her fields of expertise. She meets clients where they are through her gentle and compassionate approach to her work. Her ability to identify and provide the perfect tool in the moment allows for a powerful holistic approach to work with clients. She is a jewel and gift to me and to the community of Santa Cruz. - Terry W. on Yelp

Purple Flower Meditation

I've known Kayla for almost a decade, and am always at ease with her calm, warm, grounded, and empathetic personality. I have personal experience with her in-depth knowledge of Astrology, and I know that she specializes in helping clients with hypnotherapy. For example, people who want to quit smoking or are struggling with other addictions, who suffer from anxiety, who are conflicted about life choices, or who face other difficult challenges in their lives, often find her hypnotherapy sessions bring solutions and relief. She is doing important work in the world, and I refer potential clients to her with confidence. - Dr. Elizabeth Quinn on Yelp

Fog Meditation

I did hypno-birthing with Kayla to prepare for my labor in the sense of keeping a smooth, calmed mindset and managing pain. We did four sessions and in them each time my mind was able to get even more in-touch with my inner self and truly be in the moment that I was visualizing. At one point I was even in labor managing it, without really being in labor, it was incredible. To continue what we would go over in our sessions to taught me how to do self hypnosis so that I could keep practicing and truly be ready for the big birthing day. - Jennalee D. on Yelp

Troll Bridge

"Kayla did wonders with my daughter in college who was going through some difficult times. She was impressed with Kayla's knowledge and comfortable rapport. To her Kayla is a "wise woman"." - Victoria B., Aptos on Yelp

A Simple Self Hypnosis Technique

“So appreciate your time and ability to quickly process a lot personal talk into a meaningful guided meditation.” - Jack C, Aptos

Chakra Balancing Meditation

I have been going to Kayla Garnet Rose for approximately two years and have used most of her services, including self hypnosis, reiki, and tarot. She is an insightful and understanding healer and has helped me with several personal issues. I would recommend Ms. Rose for any of her services and especially her hypnosis. I will be continuing to use her services in the future. - Minda L., Santa Cruz on Yelp

Just For Today (Reiki Meditation)

“I highly recommend Kayla's work... Her life experience has helped her to blend several modalities to get you the results your are seeking. Her sessions are individualized to create exactly what you need for your own personal success. I admire her integrity and professionalism while adding fun to the mix. Thanks Kayla!” -Lisa Carter, Santa Cruz

Tips For Transformation

I did a hypnotherapy session with Kayla when I found myself at a crossroads in my work. Kayla led me through a process of discovering what really motivated me and it was immediately helpful! Kayla's technique is all about guiding you to make discoveries for yourself. The insights I gained have been profoundly valuable to me in making important choices since then. Kayla is very experienced and well informed as a hypnotherapist, and really helped me understand the process before we ever started. I highly recommend her to anyone considering hypnotherapy. - Charles C., San Jose on Yelp

Helpful People Boxes

Kayla helped me and connected with me as I made steps to heal from trauma it has been a journey and I am thankful to her for helping me to light up the darkness. ~ Chanda Dixon, Santa Cruz on Facebook

The Power of Affirmations

"Kayla has my deep gratitude for answering the call to do what she does. From my first session with her, I felt as though I was thrust back into the flow of the universe, after a difficult period of feeling afloat without direction. I think what I most appreciate and respect about her is that she is a teacher; from the start, it was clear to me that she wants to help me find and be in the solution. She is completely forthcoming with a remarkable array of useful information and resources. I don't know if anyone has ever helped me more, in such a short period of time." - Clarrissa B, Santa Cruz on Yelp

The Power of Journaling

“Thanks for all the sessions. Your work literally changed my life! You are truly a gift.” -D.W., San Mateo

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Kayla has worked with me for five years I have received Reiki and hypnotherapy. She has been a huge blessing for me in my healing from trauma and big life changes. Reiki with my shoulder injury helps me not have a frozen shoulder. A whole-body effect. Thanks for all of your loving work. - JoAnn Tennent on Yelp

Sessions with Kayla Garnet Rose, Ph.D. are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any physical or psychological ailment or disease, and should not be used in place of treatment by a licensed physician or accredited mental health professional.