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Baby Crone's Tarot Playbook
or Laphrodite's Mini Mindfulness Meditations

Baby Crone's Tarot Playbook offers seventy-eight short practices for that tarot on the go feeling. Rich, full color images accompany the guided meditations to create a synthesis of right-brain and left brain activity by combining potent imagery with meaning words. Whether you flip to a random page for a quick hit, spend an hour using an image as a writing prompt in your journal, or dedicating yourself to delving deep into meaning and symbolism of each piece, this is a treasure trove of accessible wisdom.

Written and Illustrated by Nona Kayla

Ernesto has been bullied for having a large birthmark on his face. He goes to Grandma for some comfort and words of calm advice. Grandma tells him a story of her own adventures about being different. She sets off on an adventure one day, with her faithful companion, June E. Purr. They overcome storms, blockages, and unusual encounters. Along the way she meets a helpful pant, a special animal, and personal guide who all help to build feelings of confidence, resourcefulness, and self-esteem.

Laphrodite's Guide to Mindful Menopause 
or the Adventures of a Baby Crone

An enchanting collection of midlife musings, moon magic, and meditations for mindful menopause.Over the last three years menopause has brought me to my knees. In this humbled position, I offer anecdotes, potential antidotes, and some not so common advice.

According to the Mayo Clinic, menopause is experienced by over 3 million women a year in the United States alone. What makes this book different is viewing menopause as a time of incredible spiritual growth and creativity, rather than just a physical experience that needs a special diet or more exercise.

The book offers concrete tools such as guided visualizations, meditations, and rituals to honor this significant passage in a woman's life. Rather than a dry reference book, it includes humorous stories, inspiring poetry, and juicy practices to experience mindful menopause. 

Journey Through the Tarot
An Integrated System for Holistic Healing

A comparison of traditional Tarot cards to modern-day decks demonstrates how the Tarot is an integrated tool for holistic health that offers insights for personal growth and transformation through the use of symbols, archetypes, and allegories.

"This book is a true gem for both experienced tarot readers and beginners. Unlike a standard guide to tarot card meanings, this small and very readable volume adds a lot of context to tarot as a historical divination tool that adapts itself to modern day readers. A delightful and informative book!" - Lana Tyehimba
Touched by Tarot

F is for Family
Baby Katherine’s Alphabet Adventures

A special ABC to celebrate alternative, extended, blended, and birth families! 

Welcome to the world, Katherine,
How wonderful you will be!
Because you are the blossom,
Of the most amazing family tree!

The Adventures of Baby Moon
Written and Illustrated by Nona Kayla

Join Claire de la Lune in the Adventures of Baby Moon. A charming illustrated children's book filled with pleasing water colors, perfect for reading at story time, bedtime or any time. Claire discovers the seasons, connects with family and friends, and yes, even helps to save the day.


A Collection of Cats, Facts and Whiskers

Inspired by the Santa Cruz Museum of Art And History's exhibit on local collectors, this book was a collaboration between a mother and daughter. Kayla Rose, a crazy cat lady at heart, has collected over a hundred cat whiskers that she found around the house over two decades from a medley of family pets. She wrote the poem to honor all the past, present, and future cats who bring joy into their lives.