September 13, 2023

Modern Hue Tarot

Here's my reading from the last New Moon. I used the Modern Hue Tarot, a brand new deck for me, which is the Rider-Waite deck redone in watercolor. It is a softer deck, in terms of the colors and artwork, and has more of a dreamy quality. For clarifiers, I pulled from the mini Medicine Cards

My three intentions were to focus on publishing my next books, my health (high blood pressure), and to release the last six months (sister-in-law's death, father-in-law dying, three other deaths).

1. Change This - Ace of Cups (Happiness, New Emotional Beginnings), reversed. Dog (Loyalty, Integrity, being true to yourself), reversed.
A reminder that with all these planets in Aries that it's ok to put myself first.

2. Unravel This - Nine of Pentacles (Abundance), reversed. Elk (Persistence, Support Health & Stamina, Endure)
I did a cord-cutting ritual I'll share if anyone is interested, as far as unraveling goes...

3. Light This Up - The Star (Shine), Owl (Outsmart Deception, Intuition, Trust First Impressions). 
Funny, I realize this was the card I held up during my tarot salon session, so I guess it did light me up. 😊

4. Be Like This - King of Swords (Intellectual power and authority), Spider (Weave your dreams alive)
Be the master of my mind.

5. Mama Moon Says - Seven of Pentacles (Appraisal), reversed; Tower (Destruction of Negative Beliefs), reversed; Porcupine (Trust your process, Honor Connection, Have Faith)
It's okay to be spiny, I have good (organic) boundaries

Blessed be,

I am the garden. And also the gardener. -Eve Drecker

September 6, 2023

Musing on Altars

Reflection of golds and crimsons
The crescent of your hand
Circle of your fingers
Circle of the bowl
Dried petals
Plump skin
A feeling of confetti
Something about to unfold


A triptych of threes

Balance between a cluster of four


Lone dragonfly,

Tiny glass mystery

Maybe a bird singing. 

Healing hands

Helping hands

Hands writing

August 30, 2023

Driving to the memorial

Driving to the memorial

Street sign says Special 

Event Prepare to Stop, Too

Late, put on heart brake

August 23, 2023




Thank you for


Reminding me

Pistol Fingers

August 16, 2023


My handwriting is
Cryptic, secret, sloppy, just
Like my tender heart

W.I.T.C.H Reading

I am in Idaho for my father-in-law's funeral on Saturday. I splurged on the W.I.T.C.H  (Woman In Total Control of Herself) deck when US Games Systems did a 4th of July sale, and did the Self Care spread from RoseBMystics.

I am just loving this oracle deck, written by Angie Sullens with art by Silas Tobal. It came in a beautiful, sturdy box and also had a green sheer pouch to hold the cards, plus US Games included a free bookmark. The book is gorgeous - heavy paper, full color, quite sumptuous in its own right. Angie refers to herself as, " Dumbledore and RuPaul's secret love child." 🤣

1. How can I best cleanse my mind?

24. The Dancer

We see a woman dancing with a white goat on a parquet floor holding a tambourine. "you are invited to take the time to enjoy rather than hurrying to the next goal." I like this permission for a mental vacation.

2. How can I better care for my body?

36. Weaver of the Red Tent

A woman in a red dress and veil with heavy silver jewelry smiles in front of a red palisade. Well, this was interesting since I have started my period again after six years of no bleeding, due to being on HRT. The card speaks to "healthy interdependence" vs "ultra-independence as a trauma response... We continually feel the pressure to perform, produce, fix, create, heal, help without ever acknowledging our own needs." 

3. What is the best way for me to connect with spirit?

16. The TrailBlazer

We see a woman moving through the forest following a dove, while various creatures trail behind her - wolves and lions. The moon is eclipsing her head.

This card speaks to being the expert on your life, rather than giving your power away to a doctor, lawyer, or any other "authority." It recommends to stop fearing my path, be loyal to my visions and the longings in my heart.

4. How do best connect with my intuition/inner priestess?

17. The Scholar

We see an elderly woman consulting a huge time, while boos are piled high on the shelves, a lone raven on the top."She's a scholar of the sacred texts of experience..." The card is a reminder to embody what I know and put it into practice. Trust my gut.

Blessed Be.

August 9, 2023

Random Advice

  • Compliment people- be sincere. See something you like - a piece of jewelry, the color of a shirt and say something. People love it.
  • Say thank you- send note cards by snail mail, have a stack of little gifts like painted rocks and bookmarks to give to clients- I hand out  a lot of hematite, rose quartz, and magnets (law of attraction) and gratitude
  • Take time for yourself- be intentional, don't fight just to get some space. Nor do you have to be sick or cranky. Make it organic.
  • Listen to music- turn on the radio, play CDs in the car, sing in the shower, notice that earworms in your head. Find the lyrics, watch the videos, and dance to them.
  • Love your pets. They are amazing. Enough said.
  • Don't listen to advice that does not resonate with you.