June 16, 2021


When I was a young girl, I fell down the stairs,
On my chin, seven stitches put there, 
Then again, when I was about eight,
Fell on the ice when I was doing a skate.

Slipped when jumping at the public pool,
Four more stitches, feeling like a fool.
Once in college, on acid, feeling free,
Thought I was flying when I fell from a tree.

Fifteen years ago, broke my arm inline skating,
Still more fun than the joys of online dating.
About five years ago, sprained both ankles, 
Nothing rhymes with ankles except maybe cankles.

Then last year, my ugg boot got trapped in my skirt,
I ate a lot of concrete, sure wished it had been dirt.
Last Christmas I put too many bottles in the recycling bin,
After it got stuck, my hand was crushed and body pinned.

Falling as a child is different from being an adult,
There's so much more criticism, feeling at fault.
Then there's falling in love, some I  cherish, some  I rue,
But the hardest I've ever fallen, was falling in love with you.

June 9, 2021

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

How to be more aware when doing a chore,
Especially one that's repetitive, really a bore,
Get into that place of wonder, more like a child,
Do what needs doing, but at least with a smile.

Be a little more curious, kinda like the cat,
Be a little more investigative when it comes down to that,
Break down the old patterns, try something new,
A different way of doing things instead of feeling blue.

Doing the laundry or scrubbing the dishes,
Being more present instead of lost in my wishes,
That these endless tasks would magically go away,
When these are the details, the minutiae of my day,

All this and more is what I find,
When I remember to practice beginner's mind.

June 3, 2021

A Moment of Sweetness

Today we had a very lunch late lunch at the Mission Ranch in Carmel Valley. We sat at one of the little teak tables and played Flux, a very challenging card game where the rules change every single draw. 

Chip had the most amazing ribs while I enjoyed the goat cheese with sesame crackers. As I looked past the grazing sheep, the ocean much beyond, I noticed a gray hair gentleman who was clearly enjoying his just desserts as he spread the whipped frosting over the little bun and popped it into his mouth with so much relish. 

A moment later he glanced over and we made eye contact. I smiled deeply, grateful to have masks on, it was a sweet moment. I glanced back down at the ocean to give him his space. 

Time went on, we paid the waitress and tipped the server with the tiger's eye bracelets. As I walked past the gentleman's table, I said I noticed you've savoring your dish. He perked right up, blue eyes twinkling and had so much to share, more with Chip than I. That's when I realized that he was eating baked potato skins with bacon which he was smothering in sour cream, so what I thought was a sweet delicacy was actually a savory dish.


May 18, 2021

Book Review: Grandma's Got Tattoos


Grandma's Got Tattoos

 Love from the elders

Reviewed in the United States on May 13, 2021

Wonderful absolutely wonderful. Historically time and patterns repeat like the ancient art of story telling , sitting around the campfire or the evening fireplace with full bellies and listening to the story teller ( the elders ), it’s a love message of I believe in you and I unconditionally love you too.. The receding pandemic has highlighted these truths of connection. This delightful book should be read to not only children, teens and young adults but also middle aged adults too who want to remember dear love ones or want find a heart grandmother or grandfather, remember seek and you shall receive ... Mother Earth is plentiful.. thank you Kayla Nona

May 12, 2021

How To Love This World

It's easy to get caught up in the news
Easy to feel those Covid-19 Blues 
Too easy to keep scrolling down
Just two muscles needed to frown

When it takes forty-three to actually smile
But who wants to go that extra mile?
So remember to turn off the phone,
Computer, and TV, really just be alone

Notice the wind rustling spring green
Smell the ocean salt in the breeze
Feel the sun on your cheek, be aware of the shade
Squirrels in the shadows, wren eggs are laid 

And explosion of lilac by the Thai lime tree
Orange crocosmia, weeds struggle to be free
The friendly neighbor, chatting over the fence
Succulents packed together, lush and dense 

Having the time to simply unwind and unfurl
The fern's fronds come out of hibernation's curl
Across the street young folks it on the porch
The next generation to hopefully carry the torch

So smile and wave, be a part of the solution
Come on and join in the kindness revolution
Starting with yourself, forgive and forget
Hold on to the sweetness, let go of regret

Remember to be present, to simply be here
Fill your body with hope, dispel the fear
If there's food in the fridge, share your table 
Help your elders when you are able

By paying Scotty to mow Anita's lawn
Pulling back the curtains everyday to greet the dawn
Petting the black cat, give her whiskers a twirl
These are some ways to simply love the world.

May 1, 2021

Grandma's Got Tattoos


Yay! My new book Grandma's Got Tattoos is now available! 

Ernesto has been bullied for having a large birthmark on his face. He goes to Grandma for some comfort and words of calm advice.


Grandma tells him a story of her own adventures about being different. She sets off on an adventure one day, with her faithful companion, June E. Purr. 

They overcome storms, blockages, and unusual encounters. Along the way she meets a helpful pant, a special animal, and personal guide who all help to build feelings of confidence, resourcefulness, and self-esteem.

April 26, 2021

Day 23 - Crossroads

Here I am, at the crossroads again,
Wondering if I should go left or go right?
Maybe go forward, see what's just  around the bend,
The road behind me is already out of sight.

I can consult a map, turn on my GPS,
Ask at the gas station for direction,
Acknowledge my mistake, take responsibility for the mess,
But sometimes getting lost leads to introspection.

So I sit on a bench and watch traffic fly by,
The lights twinkling red, yellow, and green.
No need to wonder how and when will I die,
Just feeling alive in the moment and quite serene.

Down to the ocean, or up to the redwood trees?
All roads lead to Rome, at least that's what they say.
I'll follow the sunset, the sounds in the spring breeze,
Because I know there's always a roundabout way...