October 6, 2021

House Rules Haikus

You get a free pass
If the cat is on your lap
Pour me some coffee?

No cats on kitchen
Counter or under covers
Look how cute you are

Roof is torn right off
Feeling exposed, rain is coming
Worried about cats

Banging, pounding, stomps,
Gutters, vents, skylights, wood rot,
New roof overhead

Replace the t.p
Rub bellies after toothbrush
Be kind every single day

September 22, 2021

Life After the Pandemic

The scunge
More sponge
More dishes
Less leftovers
No lunches
Or brunches
More dust
Less fuss
Less impulse buys
When going out for supplies
Less sweeping

Everything else is the same

Corruption, riots.
Protests, my resist

September 8, 2021

September 1, 2021

Purple Flower Meditation

Georgia O'Keefe knew the value of taking the time with the tiniest of flowers.