January 19, 2021

Day 24 - Loss

I don't often lose my temper or even my cool 
Unless someone makes me look like a fool 
Yes, the backs of earrings, countless pens, 
My way on the highway, one or two good friends.

The black and persimmon velvet scarf, that one sweater, 
Quite a few emails, as well as some important letters, 
My glasses at least a couple times a day,
When hiking in the Land of Medicine Buddha, I really lost my way.

Lost my best friend during the divorce, 
Had to close my bookstore in due course,
The recounts are done the electoral vote widens,
Will Trump ever cede he has lost to Biden?

The loss of lives, now a quarter million,
Will some fat cat makes another billion,
Sewing seeds of self-doubt, poverty and despair,
The nation's loss is a despot affair.

I've lost my job, my clients, and my wages,
All I can do now is write these pandemic pages,
In reviewing my losses, what do I find -
Of all the things I've lost, what I miss most is my mind.

January 12, 2021

Moden Witch Tarot Deck by Lisa Sterle

As you know, I love the tarot - it is comforting, validating, and inspiring. While in Eugene visiting my daughter last year I bought the Moden Witch Tarot Deck by Lisa Sterle

Some of the cards are exceptional, some seem like she was just trying to complete the 78 images. The cards are printed on plastic, so a very large deck for my small hands, and unwieldy to shuffle. Plus they won't get that lovely worn-out feel like paper cards. Nice interpretations in the LWB (little white book, but this one is blue). Below is a picture of the three cards I drew plus what she writes:

"XII: The Hanged One - True peace can only come from within. The Hanged One has found this inner zen in what seems like an unusual place. She hangs from the tree of life in a comfy sweater and equally comfy sweatpants. Maybe she seems a little odd, hanging upside down and perfectly poised, but she;'s also calm. The Hanged One is just simply relaxed and at peace.

Finally, it's the calm after the storm. You might have just had some tough battles or obstacles to conquer, but now it's time to relax a bit. Meditate, slow down, nurture your body and soul. You might have to sacrifice something in order to reach the state of zen, but don't worry. There's no right or wrong way to do it. It may even feel like your self-care routine is a little strange to others, but this process is crucial for you to embrace who you are and to Free yourself of other's expectations and demands." 

"Three of Wands  - Standing solidly on Earth, you've got your wands for support and you're contemplating your plans. You're working hard and getting ready for the future. It's working! You've got a solid strategy, so all you need to do now is put it into action. "

"The Sun - With sunshine comes new life. An innocent child, full of carefree joy and happiness, waves a red banner high in the sky. behind her, a gray wall is her past, and the flowers of memories Bloom and thrive in the Sun. There's wonderful and warm everywhere. The sun has turned the day into a promising playground ready for exploration. It's a time to feel totally alive.

Winter (2020) is over. The world is lush and full of excitement and beauty. Bask in the sunlight, embrace life! You might have just stumbled upon a big discovery or revelation that's astonishing, amazing and helps you see things in a new and beautiful way. This new perspective is the result of your hard inner and outer work, and now it's time for the reward. So treat yourself! Do something fun, have an adventure, the days are yours to fill with childlike wonder and optimism."

Italics are mine, to re-emphasize - This new perspective is the result of your hard inner and outer work. To all my clients  - I am so proud of you, I know you are on your path and I am both grateful and humbled to witness and be a part of your process.



Kayla Garnet Rose, Ph.D.
Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Mindfulness Coach

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January 6, 2021


Nothing to say, nothing to do
Nothing unusual, nothing new,
Nothing on my mind, nothing on my plate,
Absolutely nothing happened on this date.

There's nothing on TV, or on the radio,
Bored of my CDs, nothing on the stereo,
Fridge is empty, there's nothing to eat,
No shoes or socks, there's nothing on my feet.

Nowhere to go, no one to see,
Nothing but time that's absolutely free, 
Nothing to do but love and a world of hate,
Nothing can do right now but simply wait, 

For the vaccine, jobs, electoral college votes,
Really nothing to do right now, but simply hope.
Congress will stop doing nothing, step up instead,
Jail the politicians, who all made their own bed.

Nothing but lies, corruption, and greed, 
Nothing but change can correct dirty deeds.
Nothing to do right now, but exactly this, 
Nothing but poetry, can save me from the abyss. 

Clearing my mine now, empty of all thoughts,
No - Thing - ness helps to connect the dots, 
Dropping into my center, nothing else to do, 
Everything is reborn yet nothing is new.

December 30, 2020

Letter from Deepak Chopra

Yay! I received a nice letter from the Chopra Institute:

Deepak Chopra, LLC

December 18, 2020

Kayla G. Rose

Dear Kayla,

Thank you for keeping the abundance of the universe circulating in all our lives with the gift of your book, Laphrodite's Guide to Mindful Menopause, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since you enjoy Dr. Chopra's teachings please consider watching at your leisure the free public service immersive lecture, The Future of Wellbeing with a meditation led by him and offered by The Chopra Foundation. Here is the link:

Dr. Chopra sends his warm regards and wishes health, success, wisdom and joy in the field of infinite possibilities!


Carolyn Rangel

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or through Facebook

December 24, 2020

Day 22 - Joy


Day 22 - Joy

Hummingbirds, calicos, the Coretta Scott King rose,

Sun on my face compared to the chill on my nose,

The honking geese flying overhead,

Fresh clean sheets on a fresh made bed.

Tinkling wind chimes, soft fairy lights,

The sound of rainfall on a late summer night.

Living by the ocean, hearing waves and the seals,

Simple, organic, yummy, delicious meals.

Being in the garden, feeling at home,

Cuddling with my husband, tho'  I like to be alone,

Painting, drawing, using scissors and glue,

Writing silly stories, love letters and Haiku.

Singing in the car, dancing with the band,

Hiking in the redwoods, digging toes into sand.

Pet rocks, house plants, crystals and antiques,

Murals on my walls, artwork that's unique.

Collecting cat whiskers, cobalt blue bottles, and tattoos

More than anything else, living here in Santa Cruz.

The Boardwalk, Marine Center, monarch butterflies,

Surfers, tourists, friends, neighbors, and allies.

Good friends, good wine, good conversation,

Being a witness to an ever changing nation,

Wearing long skirts, tho' at heart still a tomboy,

These are a few of the things that I truly enjoy.

Blessed Be!

Kayla Garnet Rose, 2020

December 12, 2020

Pandemic Blues

Pandemic Blues

Leafing through my Pandemic Pages
Aware of all the lost time and wages
We all need a little more reassurance
At least I'm getting unemployment insurance
Got those Corona Virus Blues...

It's been nine months of lock-down, COVID-19
I've done 300 crossword puzzles in between
Doom scrolling, social distancing, wearing a mask
Shelter in place, trust me, you don't have to ask
Got those early morning drinking Quarantinis Blues...

Herd Immunity or herd mentality
Trump simply smacks of banality
Take a breath for George Floyd
There's lots of reasons to be paranoid
Got those Breonna Taylor Blues...

White fragility and confederate flags
No longer able to use reusable bags
Six feet apart, flatten the curve
Essential workers continue to serve
Got those Fake News Conspiracy Blues...

Hoax, flat-earther or anti-vax
Now the battle is about anti-mask
Protests in Portland, appeals to trust us
Now a new supreme court justice
Got those Ruth Bader-Ginsburg Blues...

Despite allegations, who to accuse,
Voter fraud dismissed, try to be amused
Every day the gap does widen
Will Trump ever cede to Biden?
Got those electoral college blues...

2020 has been a year of hindsight
Maybe we can change that into kind sight
The New Normal, face-time, vote by mail
At least we have toilet paper and a take out cocktail
Got those deep Pandemic Blues...