February 18, 2021

Inner Coach

There is a voice inside my head,
My inner coach, here's what she said:
You can do it, you've done it before,
You're getting better, you're upping the score.

Be patient with yourself, learn to believe in you,
Have faith in the process, you know what to do,
You're being active, alive and well,
Taking care of the garden, making sure your husband is swell.

The cats are happy, the house is clean,
You're getting things done in this time of in between
Wildfires, elections, and covid-19,
Protest, people being mean.

So be kinder to yourself, be gentle my dear,
Pay attention to the truth, let go of the fear.
Take a walk every day, drink more water, less wine,
Keep loving yourself and it'll all be just fine.

You are doing exactly what you need to do,
You're having fun using your talents a new,
So expect that you'll live to be 104,
And in that good night you'll gently shut the door.

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