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Kayla Garnet Rose, Ph.D.

Kayla Garnet Rose, PhD
Mindfulness Coach, Reiki Master
Kayla is an enchanting holistic healer who lives in a fairy castle by the sea. Since 1989 she has been casting the cards, charting the stars, and guiding people to achieve their most heartfelt dreams and visions. Kayla is the High Priestess of Laphrodite, Goddess of the Belly Laugh. She invites you to sit for a spell or two. She also enjoys hiking in the redwood forests, reading both historical and science fiction, creating art in a variety of media from watercolor to collage, and blogging about life as a holistic healer in Santa Cruz.

Currently, Kayla is a volunteer docent at the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Exploration Center. Come by on Wednesday mornings for Story Telling hour, on First Fridays for marine-themed arts and crafts fun for the whole family.

She was thrilled to be a part of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History exhibit:

"Collections aren’t just something we do. They tell stories about who we are. Explore personal items from curious collectors all over Santa Cruz County. Learn about people in Santa Cruz through the flip-flops, corks, and cat whiskers they collect. Explore how artists use collections to create extraordinary assemblage sculptures. Examine how the items we collect do more than tell us about ourselves; they shine a light on things we may never have known about each other."

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Kayla was the Director of the Hypnotherapy Program at Twin Lakes College from 2011 through 2014. Their client-centered Hypnotherapy Program, "Inner Resources: A Therapeutic Approach to Accessing the Healer Within", had been a state-approved professional vocational training since 1985. It was regarded as one of the finest personal and professional experiences for individuals who want complete and in-depth training, integration, and supervision of the applications of therapeutic trance. Kayla also taught a variety of workshops and classes at Twin Lakes College, including "Internet Marketing Made Simple", "Your Body Believes Every Word You Say" and "Creative Abundance: 9 Weeks to Greater Prosperity".

"This class was beyond expectation. Now I am grounded, guided, and have a thriving new business. I will take this class again and again. This timeless information indeed opens you up to Abundance. Thank you, Kayla!" - Kristine Barnes Garbini, Aromas, CA.

In 2013 Kayla completed the Ph.D. program in Holistic Health through the American Institute of Holistic Theology. Seeking to bring unity to body, mind, and soul, this innovative concentration offers an in-depth understanding of many of the currently accepted alternative and integrative methods of healing and health. Included Aromatherapy, Herbology, Light and Sound Therapy, Nutrition, and Breathwork.

From 2010 to 2012 she worked at Pacific Wellness Center with other health professionals on client cases to reduce stress, release past traumas, and establish healthy lifestyle habits. This included smoking cessation programs, hypnobirthing, and weight management. Kayla gave monthly workshops and lectures on a variety of topics such as mindfulness, self-esteem building, and creative journaling.

Before that, from 2005 to 2010, she worked at Dr. Z's MindBody Shop with chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and other healthcare professionals to create a wellness clinic. Kayla was a consultant for patient retention, medical billing, website design, marketing and social media. She did community outreach and education on the benefits of hypnotherapy, including the mind-body connection, overcoming PTSD, resolving internal conflicts, and changing the inner critic to becoming the inner coach.

"Kayla has my deep gratitude for answering the call to do what she does. From my first session with her, I felt as though I was thrust back into the flow of the universe, after a difficult period of feeling afloat without direction. I think what I most appreciate and respect about her is that she is a teacher; from the start, it was clear to me that she wanted to help me find and be the solution. She is completely forthcoming with a remarkable array of useful information and resources. I don't know if anyone has ever helped me more, in such a short period of time." - Clarissa B., Santa Cruz on Yelp

Previously in 2005, Kayla worked at Aptos Medical Arts as an independent contractor. She worked with clients in deep grief; hypnosis for pre- and post-surgery; cancer survivors; smoking cessation; weight management; anger management; deep relaxation and stress reduction.

"Kayla is the most amazing person I have used for personal transformation. Whatever part of my life I want to address, Kayla has the most excellent insights with which to help me get to where I wish to be. I feel totally comfortable working with her." - Lisa Carter, Santa Cruz, LinkedIn recommendation

Kayla's approach is to guide you in various ways to find answers for yourself -- she will not tell you what to do. In my case, under hypnosis, she led me to explore what aspects of my work were most satisfying to me. As a result, I gained some valuable and surprising insights into my own motivations. As an experienced practitioner, Dr. Rose is insightful, compassionate, encouraging, and very professional. I highly recommend her for hypnotherapy. -Charles C., Mountainview, Angie's List Review

"An exceptional spirit of fine intellect and a unique healer. She is of unwavering character and an adventurous explorer of human experience". - Larry Atwell, Certified Hypnotherapist, Morgan Hill, CA Facebook Review

"I started weekly Reiki sessions with Kayla in June 2015 after receiving a serious health diagnosis. A couple months later my doctors told me I had an amazing response to the medical treatment. I attribute my current good health in large part to Kayla's healing sessions. She is also a great listener and her remarkable insights and suggestions got me through a difficult emotional time. I highly recommend her." - Rosemary R., Watsonville on Yelp

"I visited Kayla for hypnotherapy to help improve my overall career happiness. Kayla's approach is to guide you in various ways to find answers for yourself -- she will not tell you what to do. In my case, under hypnosis, she led me to explore what aspects of my work were most satisfying to me.  As a result, I gained some valuable and surprising insights into my own motivations.  I've been applying these insights since then and making some adjustments in my work". - Chip C., San Jose, Yelp Review

"Kayla is awesome to work with. She listened wholeheartedly and helped me integrate what I know to be true for myself.  She is well-versed in many different modalities and has a keen understanding of their historical context.  I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a deeper knowledge of self in relation to this world we all share." - Silvia G., Santa Cruz, Yelp Review

"I did hypnobirthing with Kayla to prepare for my labor in the sense of keeping a smooth, calmed mindset and managing pain. We did four sessions and in them each time my mind was able to get even more in touch with my inner self and truly be in the moment that I was visualizing...Kayla offers a truly incredible talent and result and I HIGHLY recommend her to EVERYONE. In addition, she also sends you a recording of your session so you can listen to it and/or share with your partner as you prepare yourself and reflect on what your session consisted of for you." - Jennalee Dahlen, Santa Cruz, Yelp Review

Kayla has worked with me for five years I have received Reiki and hypnotherapy. She has been a huge blessing for me in my healing from trauma and big life changes. Reiki with my shoulder injury help me not have a frozen shoulder. A whole-body effect. Thanks for all of your loving work.- JoAnn Tennent on Yelp 

Sessions with Kayla Garnet Rose, Ph.D. are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any physical or psychological ailment or disease, and should not be used in place of treatment by a licensed physician or accredited mental health professional.