March 9, 2021

Pandemic Fashion

Before going for a walk I finally change out of my pandemic uniform -
Husband's over sized baggy black sweatshirt with the frayed cuffs
Brown cotton leggings that have a tiny hole in the thigh,
One of the many Aliki dresses - so comfy, and pockets!
The purple Tibetan prayer shawl, 
Rescued from the neighbors's free box.

I might dab on some make-up
Before a Zoom session,
But it's much easier to just use 
The enhanced setting.

I rarely wear shoes anymore -
Maybe the fake Ugg boots if it's chilly,
I miss my black leather Danskos.

I've removed half a dozen bracelets,
Unclasped the jade Kuan Yin pendant,
Slipped off each silver rings one by one,
Tend to forget to put in nose rings,
Let alone a dozen earrings.

Right now,
My main accessory,
Seems to be
Cat hair.

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