December 12, 2020

Pandemic Blues

Pandemic Blues

Leafing through my Pandemic Pages
Aware of all the lost time and wages
We all need a little more reassurance
At least I'm getting unemployment insurance
Got those Corona Virus Blues...

It's been nine months of lock-down, COVID-19
I've done 300 crossword puzzles in between
Doom scrolling, social distancing, wearing a mask
Shelter in place, trust me, you don't have to ask
Got those early morning drinking Quarantinis Blues...

Herd Immunity or herd mentality
Trump simply smacks of banality
Take a breath for George Floyd
There's lots of reasons to be paranoid
Got those Breonna Taylor Blues...

White fragility and confederate flags
No longer able to use reusable bags
Six feet apart, flatten the curve
Essential workers continue to serve
Got those Fake News Conspiracy Blues...

Hoax, flat-earther or anti-vax
Now the battle is about anti-mask
Protests in Portland, appeals to trust us
Now a new supreme court justice
Got those Ruth Bader-Ginsburg Blues...

Despite allegations, who to accuse,
Voter fraud dismissed, try to be amused
Every day the gap does widen
Will Trump ever cede to Biden?
Got those electoral college blues...

2020 has been a year of hindsight
Maybe we can change that into kind sight
The New Normal, face-time, vote by mail
At least we have toilet paper and a take out cocktail
Got those deep Pandemic Blues...