February 10, 2021

Impeachment Blues

While I believe in all things empirical 
Trump getting convicted will surely be a miracle 
Hard enough to convince a jury of 12,
17 Republicans sitting on the shelf.

I do hope to see Trump rot in jail,
Maybe better brooding in a self-imposed hell,
Deutsche Bank takes the Trump tower,
Who else will strip him of his power?

Mar-a-Lago, golfing in Scotland,
Acting like nothing's wrong, that's right man.
Every narcissist thinking like it's all swell,
Look at poor Ghislaine Maxwell.

There is no real trial by jury,
Everyone checks Twitter for the flurry, 
Epstein didn't kill himself, 
Yet another casualty on the shelf.

Of all the rewards, Trump trophies -
One more year of Covid-19,
Let's keep tally, how many are dead -
All are on Donald Trump's head,

Let alone the January insurrection, 
Riled by his lies continuously resurrected, 
He didn't win the last popular vote, nor the one before, 
His ire is that of the last election, bringing national discord.

His hate is worse than the pandemic, 
More virulent than the plague,
From BLM to disable folks not getting the vaccine,
And has Breonna ever been redeemed?

The spread of lies has brought a whole country down, 
But how we love to watch this orange haired clown,
So I sit, and observe the trial,
I wonder what will be final.

Thank the goodness for the few willing to stand,
They are what makes America Grand,
Not addicted to their party, but the truth, 
Hopefully they will act forsooth.

Farmers and essential workers are finally getting the shots,
While Mom and Pop businesses still continue to close up shop.
All this and more is what I know to be true,
I've got another case of the impeachment blues.

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