April 26, 2021

Day 23 - Crossroads

Here I am, at the crossroads again,
Wondering if I should go left or go right?
Maybe go forward, see what's just  around the bend,
The road behind me is already out of sight.

I can consult a map, turn on my GPS,
Ask at the gas station for direction,
Acknowledge my mistake, take responsibility for the mess,
But sometimes getting lost leads to introspection.

So I sit on a bench and watch traffic fly by,
The lights twinkling red, yellow, and green.
No need to wonder how and when will I die,
Just feeling alive in the moment and quite serene.

Down to the ocean, or up to the redwood trees?
All roads lead to Rome, at least that's what they say.
I'll follow the sunset, the sounds in the spring breeze,
Because I know there's always a roundabout way...