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January 2, 2019

Blessings in Disguise

"There is a blessing on the wide road".  - w.s.merwin

Come and gather together, it's that time of year,
Here at the crossroads, your direction is clear.
Go ahead and welcome Hecate with a grin,
Here comes Papa Legba, remember to invite him in.

Offer up a glass of water, a prayer of gratitude,
A smooth river rock, a forgiving attitude.
Light some sage and lavender, clear the space,
Have some colorful candles to illuminate the place.

Take a moment to pause, time for reflection,
No matter what, you're in the right direction.
And as you turn the corner, sweet surprise,
Anything could be a blessing in disguise.

Happy New Year!
Love and Light,


December 26, 2018

Thoughts on Silence

How noisy I am, trying to be quiet. The scrape of the chair, the rattle of a drawer, the shuffling sounds as I dig through my bags. I take my time, like a bird building her nest, putting things away, hanging others up, making room for art supplies.

When I awake at 2:30 am with another hot flash, I think about the retreat facilitator asking about the silence inside. What is the difference between quiet and silence? I notice it easy to share silence with my daughter, while I am often quiet with my husband.

With my daughter, walking together to work, after a few comments about the cats and the weather, we simply walk, we don't talk. Sometimes she's on her phone, texting, connecting, doing what she enjoys, the more virtual the relationship the better sometimes. She is intelligent and romantic, introverted, and has been reluctant at the best to learn how to drive, which is fine by me. Here is where I am generous, if not spoiling, I indulge her capricious whims and rarely ask her to help with housework beyond putting away the dishes. However, we get along, travel well together, give each other space, and she always rolls her eyes at my bad jokes.

My husband and I can be silent, but he has much to say, and I find it easier to be quiet than to respond to his politics and beliefs, an easy way to avoid an argument. And easy not to share my own perusals, simply because I think he will not take me seriously, like times during my Ph.D. program exploring alternative healing. Quiet can be the path of least resistance, but I worry the silence could erode our relationships as it has in my past. As they say, "Silence is consent."
I enjoy putting everything in its place, it's pleasing to me that all will remain just so for these few days, not dealing with other peoples their clutter, no incessant small talk, especially first thing in the morning when I am the most contemplative, the most reflective.

When I think about generosity, I recognize the need to give myself that space - whether I meditate or mess around on the computer playing games, it's my transition time to the day. Chip always wants to talk about dreams. I always want to respond. We are good together that way, but I've had to learn to adapt. I notice it was easier to pay attention to when we only had a few precious days each weekend. His daily neediness is as much of a mixed bag as how I feel about the cats - yes, I love you, but please get off my lap and out of my face. I need this time to compose myself for a day of clients,  let alone friends, daughter, husband, the cats.

As I flutter and mutter to myself after this good putter, I do notice the moments of stillness, the inner silence, the fleeting peace. Then the gerbil in my head starts up again, "...and then I'll get some coffee and then I'll take a shower and then I'll start on the watercolors..." It's not that this is a voice I do not want to listen to, but it is repetitive and unoriginal, it wears me out with its constant need for clatter and nose.

Being in silence helps me hear the birds, the creak of the stairs, the hum of my electric toothbrush that seems so out of place. Thank goodness I didn't bring my vibrator. Even the ubiquitous sound of my electric fan has been silenced. Spacing out through the window, it's easy to hear the cacophony of a sudden burst of honking, the traffic in the distance, tuning more closely into the hum of hummingbird wings, the cry of the raven. I notice the spiderweb threads, vibrating silver in the sunlight. What sounds, what music does it make with the wind? Will I be able to hear it as I go deeper within?

Blessed Be.

December 5, 2018

Mercury Retrospect

I feel my heart in my chest, heavy and weighted,
Secrets locked deep, shields up.
Hibernating, stewing in my mental juices,
A cauldron of the past percolates memories.

I stir, notice what comes up to the surface,
What is on my mind, my roller coaster of emotions.
Swallowing the little things, let them go,
Moving upon bigger things, purging the past.

Giving myself permission
To cultivate more lightheartedness,
I allow myself to laugh...
With the universal trickster, coyote.

The witch cackling over her bubbles,
Completion of spells, the casting out of doubts...
The transformation has begun.

October 18, 2018

A Writer’s Talisman

Go out when the Harvest moon is full,
Cut yourself a slender switch by
Pruning the plum runners
-Those suckers of energy-
Remember to ask permission first.

Strip the tender green leaves,
Gently bend into a circle,
Weaving in and out, in and out.
Let it dry in the morning sun for a few weeks,
Until the New Moon is as thin
As a newborn’s fingernail clipping.

Now, begin braiding in your tales.
Dreamcatcher, pentacle, gods eye,
Or simply a spiders web.
Find your tin sewing box that's
Full of needles and embroidery threads.
Take the time to untangle
Silver and gold strings,
Satin ribbons, bits of knobby yarns,
Projects once begun, not necessarily done.
Measure out your silk cords,
Cut them like one of the Fates.

Begin to add the ephemera collected,
The spiritual smegma of the past:
Broken charm bracelets, lone earrings,
A tiny Aladdin's lamp, a tinier key,
Hummingbird skulls and raven feathers,
Your mother's beads, grandmother's pearls,
Antique buttons from your mother-in-law.
The helping hand milagra,
Other tokens of luck or affections past.
Maybe add in a wisdom tooth or
That first baby tooth your child lost,
You know you have it somewhere,
Take the time to find it.

Snow white seashells with holes,
Pale green sea glass jaded by time.
A lachrymal filled to the brim with
The dried salt from an ocean of tears.
Use glue for butterfly wings, other things,
And, of course, add some glitter -
Really, make it yours.

Don’t tie on the wishbone,
Remember, you have a backbone.
Choose instead snake vertebrae,
Relics of coyote found in the desert.
Keys that have been lost in the junk drawer-
They still unlock your imagination.
A crystal to reflect all your facets.
Don’t worry if it’s chipped,
It will cast more rainbows that way.

Honor all the elements.

As you work, remember:
Every bead, every breath,
Every knot is a prayer.
Tie everything three times while chanting:

In the name of the maiden,
The mother and the crone,
I'm here by myself, but never alone.

When it feels almost complete,
Or at least good enough,
Hang it above your desk,
In the window, the tree outside.
And as the wind ruffles the feathers,
Makes the beads clink, bells tinkle,
Take in their essence and
Let them come out as stories...

Sit now, here in this sacred space,
The corner of the kitchen table,
Cats meowing for attention.
Write it all down in your women’s notebook,
Ubiquitous journal, book of shadows,
Every memory, every symbol.
Because, you know, as they say...


Blessed be.

KGR 10/17/2018

August 21, 2017

Prayer on the Solar Eclipse

Divine Order, 
Take charge of my life,
Today and every day.

All things work together
For good for me today.
This is a new and beautiful day,
There will never be another one like it.

I am Divinely Guided
 All day long
And whatever I do will prosper.

Divine Love, 
Enfold me, surround me, enrapt me -
That I may go forth in peace.

I am going to be a marvelous success
In all of my undertakings.
And I will be happy
From now on.

Blessed be.

January 1, 2010


Peace in my heart. Peace of mind. Walking a peace path. Smoking a peace pipe. Peace in my hands. Peace in my home. Peace at my office. Peace officers. Peace in my car. Peace in my bed. Peace with my parents. Peace with my child. Peace with the past. A Peaceful Future. The Present Peace. Peace with God. Peace in the Universe. World Peace. Peaceful sleep. Peaceful dreams. Peace with money. Peace with my body. Visions of peace. Peace talks. Peace walks. Peace with my cats. Peace with dogs. Peace with my neighbors. Peace with our Leaders. Peace with my enemies. Peace with my friends. Peace with my family. Prayers for peace. Poems for peace. Songs for peace. Dances for Peace. Feast for Peace. A Peace Feast. Rest in Peace. Live in Peace. Love in Peace.  Love Peace. Make Love for Peace. Masturbate for Peace. Orgasms for Peace. May you be at Peace. May we share Peace now. Be at Peace. Blog in Peace.


November 14, 2009


As I grow older and more mature, 
I appreciate the finer things in life - 
Red wines, aged cheeses, 
Antique candle holders and broken down old barns. 
I savor the time it takes to craft -
  I experience the richness of patience paying off.

While I find my plate is less full, 
My bites somehow smaller, 
My life is bursting with a zest and vitality 
I have never experienced before. 

I welcome new flavors and savor familiar delights
I enjoy sharing my abundant life with friends and family
In the most simplest of ways.

Blessed Be.

November 2, 2009

Let Me Be Known

"Your reputation always precedes you" - Chinese proverb

Let me be known as intelligent and creative, brilliant and sparkling, always inspiring. Let my reputation be as a great business woman, a compassionate healer, a knowledgeable teacher, an excellent mother and a renaissance woman.

Let my fame be for being a good listener, the keeper of the tavern, the keeper of confidences. Always the deep reflective mirror, a soothsayer who tells the truth in gentle and kind ways that the truth may be heard and responded to in appropriate ways.

Let my fire bring warmth to those who seek its' comfort and illumination, may none be singed or harmed by my sparks of passions or electrical emotions. But I here Mae West chuckling in my ear: If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Let me be seen as authentic and original, beautiful and eclectic, quirky, queer, and quintessentially whole. Let my reputation light my way like a lantern in the dark, contained and self-sustained.

Let me be known for my integrity, my loyalty, my wit and my wonder.

Blessed Be.

October 31, 2009

Power Prayer

I am a powerful being, no less than god herself.
Let me use my power for good today,
and let all good things come from my being in my power.

I influence my daughter, my clients, my students.
Let me always be conscious and aware,
to be as supportive and encouraging as possible,
demonstrating the tools and modeling the habits
that have helped me on my path.

Let me feel in control -
Of my emotions, my money, my life.
I allow myself order and routine, the creation of systems that work,
and overall improvements in all areas of my life.
I am active in my own evolution.

Let me manage my energies wisely,
and appreciate all my assets
- love, intelligence, health, wealth, and property.

Let me pass the power stick when my turn is done -
I step up to being Leader and I keep the pace as a Follower.
I help others achieve their goals, which helps me achieve mine.

Let me take charge of my life,
holding onto the reins of desire to impel my being forth.
I now use my power to acheive my deepest ambitions and heartfelt goals.
I am empowered by everything today.

Blessed be.

October 29, 2009

Helpful People Prayer

Thank you, Universe, for showering me with abundant blessings today.

Thank you for all the helpful beings, visible and invisible, animal and human, plant and mineral, angles and messengers who have come into my life to offer guidance, wisdom, nourishment and comfort.

Let me be a helpful person in return, doing whatever I can within my own limitations to facilitate the lives of others. Let me bring ease and insight to those that i meet, and let my impact always be gentle and kind.

I honor Mother Theresa, Oprah Winfrey, Suze Orman and Susie Bright, those who inspire us all, even in the darkest night. I honor my friends and family, colleagues and coworkers, clients and customers fopr all theior support and for allowing me to be supportive in return.

Blessed Be all the Helpful People now.

October 19, 2009

Progress in Ancestry

Blessed be my immediate family:
Siv, Elio, Antonio, Amber

Blessed be my extended family:
Linda, Gerald, Teresa, Alfonso, Silvana, Bengt, Anita, Maria, Thomas, Peter, Sue

Blessed be my great grandmothers and great grandfathers,
all the generations past, touching my DNA and my collective consciousness

Blessed be my cats, my familiars and my kin:
Poppy, Mango, Sharkey, Lily, Rosie, Sadie, CJ, Alex, Cotton, Babylon, Fatty, Cori

Blessed be my healthy body, strong mind, clear skin, firm muscles, good eyesight, great hearing, strength and flexibility, stamina and endurance.

Blessed be my inheritances, that which I pass on to my future generations:
My home, garden, car, art, furniture, clothes, jewelry, books and toys.

Blessed be my education:
I am the first woman in the family to graduate college. Let my daughter see the value in higher pursuits and take herself beyond all my imaginings.

Blessed be my friends, consistent and true:
Jen, Elizabeth, Z, JoJo, Lisa, those on FaceBook & beyond...

Blessed be my communities, may I contribute to your growth & prosperity:
Santa Cruz, GLBT, Pagan, Californian, American, Humitarian

Blessed be my ancestry in nature:
Redwood trees, gray whales, ravens, hummingbirds
the patience of the ant, the creativity of grandma spider

Blessed be my guardian angels:
Michael and Uriel

Blessed be the Universe:
Thank you to the stars and the planets
For providing the tides and rhythms
The ways home to my heart

Blessed be the ancient Mother
Goddess of us all.

October 15, 2009

Life Path

I walk confidently along my life path—
I go at my own pace, at my own rhythm, in my own stride.
I have everything I need, and nothing in excess.
I know my purpose.
I live with intention and I love with intention.

All doorways are open to me now, and I choose carefully.
Deliberating my options, I ponder where will my energy by optimum.
Creating a structure that supports me - Flexibility is key
Everything has led up to this moment
And I'm curious to explore what is up ahead-
Just around the next bend.

I allow myself fluidity
all streams feed my tributary
An abundance of options and opportunities

I am a professional, I am active, I am pro-active
I love my occupation, it keeps me occupied
I love my work, I love my career
My work is love made visible
I love my life's work.

I am on my life path now
Walking at my pace, walking in my stride
Pleased to discover
You at my side.

Blessed Be.

August 17, 2009


 By the earth that is Her body
And by the air that is Her breath
And by the fire of Her bright spirit
And by the living waters of Her womb...
The circle is cast.

We are between the worlds,
Beyond the bounds of time,
Where night and day,
Birth and death,
Joy and sorrow,
Meet as one.

The fire is lit, the ritual is begun.

In perfect love and perfect trust,
the kiss is passed around the circle...

We thank you
Guardians of the East, Power of air
Guardians of the South, Power of Fire
Guardians of the West, Power of water
Guardians of the North, Power of Earth

For joining in our circle
And we ask for your blessing
As you depart
May there be peace between us
Now and forever.

The circle is open, but unbroken,
may the peace of the Goddess
Go in our hearts,
Merry meet, merry part,
and merry meet again.
Blessed Be.

May 18, 2009

Divine Order

Divine Order,
Take charge of my life
Today and everyday

All things work together
For good for me today

This is a new and beautiful day
There will never be another one like it

I am divinely guided all day long
And whatever I do will prosper

Divine love,
Enfold me, surround me, enrapt me
And I will go forth in peace

I am going to be a marvelous success
in all of my undertakings

And I am going to be happy
from now on…

Blessed Be!

January 25, 2009

New Moon in Aquarius

Happy Chinese New Year: Year of the Ox
Today's ritual:

I went to a baby shower for a friend last fall, and one of the hostess gifts was a packet of seeds - Sweet peas in Cupid Pink, to be exact. They have been sitting in a dish on one of the around the house altars for awhile, gathering energy, if not dust. Fairy dust, of course.

Sun and New Moon are conjunct in Aquarius today, thus begins the Chinese New Year, Year of the Ox. The Ox, like Taurus the Bull, is a tenacious & thorough beast, gentle, patient, strong & full of determination (Obama is a Metal Ox). Tapping into this energy, I cupped my hands around the seeds and began a prayer:

Let these be
The Seeds of Change
The Seeds of Peace
The Seeds of Love
The Seeds of Hope
(and everyone's favorite)
Seed Money
Blessed Be.

I then proceeded to plant five seeds in each of my Feng Shui power stations, starting in Child/Creativity, perfect for this is also the time of Brigid, Goddess of Inspiration. I take a moment to pull out some weeds, my negative thoughts, creating space for new life to grow.

I moved on to Helpful People. This corner of my yard touches my neighbor Jim, who has always been helpful to me. May I be helpful in return. I might not be able to do anything about the war in the Middle East, but I can reach out to my immediate neighbor. May the seeds of peace flourish between us.

I planted the five seeds in containers on my front deck & along my front path for Career/Lifepath, reflecting upon both the limits of the vessel for growth and the ease to nurture & tend to those seeds as a result, and how to apply to my own profession now.

The Self-Knowledge corner kisses my other neighbor's Helpful People spot. A rambling rose grows from my yard, through and along the fence, into their yard. Let my wisdom be helpful, rambling rose that I am.

I move to the backyard, along the fence which hosts Family/Ancestors, and before pushing each round seed into the dark moist earth, I take a moment to say each my grandparent's names, and my dearest Aunt who still lives in Italy, inspiring me with her adventuresome travels despite going blind.

Moving into Power/Wealth, the prayer seems more potent. I plant the seeds in between the Sweet William & the Primula (my little winter cabbages, as I like to think of them), which are looking quite perky after the recent rains, deep fuscia & burgundy blossoms with a touch of yellow at the center. I name my five intentions for my business, visualizing their growth over the next year.

By now the cats have noticed I'm in the yard, and have abandoned the gopher posts to assist me in circumnavigating the garden. I take the time to pet & pamper my sweet familiars, right there in Fame/Reputation. There is no doubt I will always be known as a cat lover...

I reach Love/Union/Marriage. I audibly sigh as I reflect upon all the good work I have done in this power spot. It has been more than nine months since I last had any interest in a partnership, let alone dating & mating, and I find myself rededicating myself to my lost goddess, Aphrodite. I am ready to love again. I chuckle to myself as I contemplate watering & nourishing my beloved seeds - here's one place maybe I do need some Miracle Grow.

Let these be
The Seeds of Change
The Seeds of Peace
The Seeds of Love
The Seeds of Hope
and Seed Money...

I complete my circle, I come to the center, and find myself in a patch of pale winter sunlight, the dark rain clouds laughing in the background. It is Lunar Imbolc - 6 weeks from Solstice, six weeks til Equinox. I am this sharp edge of shifting light, and I find myself laughing - laughing with delight.

May all your heartfelt wishes blossom.

Blessed Be.

October 13, 2008


 I Have good boundaries
Durga guards my Achilles heal
I ride the tiger of success
I have battled my demons
And I fiercely protect myself

*** I place myself beyond the reach
of all who would destroy me
all who tries to wound me***

I am the Unapproachable
Nothing can get at me
That I do not willingly let in

I dance my dance of oneness
Only with what and who supports me
Nurtures me
Loves me
I am shielded by my own skin
I choose what to let in

I nurture wholeness
By creating and fixing
The limits of my personal space
I have clear boundaries
As an expression
Of Self Love

I love
My Self

June 2004

September 9, 2008

Marie Laveau

I heal my voice
I heal my heart
I speak my truth
First and foremost unto myself
I sing the words
of Afia Walkingtree:

I am Alive
I am Beautiful
I can do anything
I put my heart and love in to...

Marie Laveau
Queen of Voodoo
Lives in my helpful people corner

I honor her with
Two black feathers
For the Raven’s nest in the east
Red and pink candles
For Romance and Passion in the south
Two white cowrie shells
For Yoni love in the West
A black velvet pouch
filled with love herbs in the North

I cut the red tape
And write my respectful request
On a parchment scroll
Pay with blessed money
And seal the spell with wax

As Venus goes direct
This is the center
As above, so below

She smiles at me, arms crossed
Chanticleer and red medicine pouch
Papa Legba and Zombi the snake
Gentle Jesus and Fierce Gabriel
The magic of New Orleans
Mother, Healer, Priestess, Consoler, Counselor
Your legacy lives on...

June 2004

August 2, 2008

Today's Affirmation

I am Balanced in my Heart:

I am here to give Love

I am here to receive Love

Happy Lammas!

April 3, 2008

Money Tree Meditation

Money Tree Meditation
• Draw a tree (or copy one of these) with branches reaching into the sky, and roots going into the earth. What kind of tree comes to mind? Oak, bamboo, willow, fir, pine... notice which feels right to you. Make it simple, add a little grass or a backdrop with mountains, whatever you like.

• In the trunk of the tree, put in your face or whole being, a favorite quote or affirmation, the meditation below or even just the words, “I am the Source”.

• In the branches, write in all your sources of abundance, including income, trades, dividends, inheritances, gifts, alimony, all other sources of financial support, etc.

• In the roots, write in all your resources, including education, past jobs, family, property, investments, fields of expertise, experience, etc.

• For the leaves, go around each branch with a green pen and make dollar signs. Cover it!

• In the mountains, write in your financial goals and dreams.

• In the grass, write in what you are providing to the universe, for example:
• I provide food, clothing & shelter for myself & my family
• I provide space and energy for my clients
• I provide jobs in my community, from restaurants to utility services
• My taxes provide for community services including schools, parks, roads,& health care
• I provide stability for myself, knowing the seasons turnings.

I am a
Money Tree.
I am the Source.
I let go of suckers, prune away dead wood,
make room for new growth.
I dig my roots deep into the rich soil and
open my leaves to the rich air
to draw in what I need
to grow and blossom into my fullest potential.
In return I give my gifts generously,
knowing my thoughts & ideas
are like the leaves on the tree -
I let go and give the gift of usable energy.
I am provide shade and beauty,
a place to nest, and
a way to recycle, renew & revive.
Blessed Be.