November 17, 2021

Digestion Reset

Digestion Reset

In a tall glass, add:
One third or half of glass unfiltered, unsweetened cranberry juice
One teaspoon to one tablespoon Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar
One to two tablespoons liquid probiotics
Fill to brim with purified water
Stir briskly
Sip and savor

Ice if desired
Pomegranate or blueberry juice
Local honey if it's too tart
Fresh squeezed lemon
A pack of EmergenC

November 10, 2021

Fog Meditation

 Enjoy one minute of experiencing the deep fog at the New Camadoli Monastery in Santa Lucia, California.

Right now you are on your path. It might not seem clear, it could be foggy or hazy, but you do know where you've come from and you can just take a moment, take in the view, absorb the softness, be okay with being at the crossroads, it being a little bit gray, because you know the sun is just beyond the clouds.

November 3, 2021

New Yelp Review

Yay! Reviews are essential for any small practice. 

"I've worked with Kayla over the past nine years. She is a wise, compassionate and gifted astrologer. I've seen Kayla for tarot, astrology readings and reiki - noting there are other mediums she also uses in her practice as well.

What I appreciate about my relationship with Kayla is, how over the past nine years, she has helped to guide me through new experiences, highs and lows by deeply tapping into myself. While she has illuminated what might be influencing various thoughts or feelings - she was always able to help me connect that to how the universe is speaking to us, and through us.

Not only has she helped me walk my own path, I highly recommend her to others who are seeking to do the same. Thank you, Kayla for your wisdom and care over the years. Grateful for our continued connection!" - Rochelle R. on Yelp

October 27, 2021

Listen to.your Heart Meditation


Take a moment to connect with your heart in this mindful meditation.

Alrighty then, and here we are.
 We're right here for right now, 
And we have nothing to do but simply this.
Go ahead and take a gentle breath, just like that, maybe another.
You can notice your hands. 
You can notice your feet. 
You can notice your head sitting on your shoulders. 

And just come into your heart,
 Yeah there it is,
 In the center of your chest,
Protected by your ribs,
Comfortable in your skin .

Because this is your heart,
Your center,
Just take a moment to breathe in:
Relaxation ,peacefulness, calm, 
Deep in your heart .

You can breathe out:
What you are ready to release,
Or  what you're willing to 
It's fine.

Just continue to breathe
Listen to your heart,
What is your heart telling you?
How will you follow through on your heart's desire? 
Because you can trust your heart,
Your heart trusts you,
Because you took this moment
To listen,
To really listen,
To listen to your heart,
 To listen to your self,
Listen to your heart's wisdom. 
You know just what to do .
All is well.

October 6, 2021

House Rules Haikus

You get a free pass
If the cat is on your lap
Pour me some coffee?

No cats on kitchen
Counter or under covers
Look how cute you are

Roof is torn right off
Feeling exposed, rain is coming
Worried about cats

Banging, pounding, stomps,
Gutters, vents, skylights, wood rot,
New roof overhead

Replace the t.p
Rub bellies after toothbrush
Be kind every single day

September 29, 2021

Troll Bridge


This might be where the trolls live...

 Underneath the bridge
 They need a pass, 
A secret,
 For you to solve a riddle...

Take a moment and notice 
What is puzzling you 
You have all the time you need 
To figure out how 
To move back on your path 
Easily and effortlessly
You are on our way 
Notice your own rhythm
Your own stride
There is plenty of time