October 27, 2021

Listen to.your Heart Meditation


Take a moment to connect with your heart in this mindful meditation.

Alrighty then, and here we are.
 We're right here for right now, 
And we have nothing to do but simply this.
Go ahead and take a gentle breath, just like that, maybe another.
You can notice your hands. 
You can notice your feet. 
You can notice your head sitting on your shoulders. 

And just come into your heart,
 Yeah there it is,
 In the center of your chest,
Protected by your ribs,
Comfortable in your skin .

Because this is your heart,
Your center,
Just take a moment to breathe in:
Relaxation ,peacefulness, calm, 
Deep in your heart .

You can breathe out:
What you are ready to release,
Or  what you're willing to 
It's fine.

Just continue to breathe
Listen to your heart,
What is your heart telling you?
How will you follow through on your heart's desire? 
Because you can trust your heart,
Your heart trusts you,
Because you took this moment
To listen,
To really listen,
To listen to your heart,
 To listen to your self,
Listen to your heart's wisdom. 
You know just what to do .
All is well.