November 3, 2021

New Yelp Review

Yay! Reviews are essential for any small practice. 

"I've worked with Kayla over the past nine years. She is a wise, compassionate and gifted astrologer. I've seen Kayla for tarot, astrology readings and reiki - noting there are other mediums she also uses in her practice as well.

What I appreciate about my relationship with Kayla is, how over the past nine years, she has helped to guide me through new experiences, highs and lows by deeply tapping into myself. While she has illuminated what might be influencing various thoughts or feelings - she was always able to help me connect that to how the universe is speaking to us, and through us.

Not only has she helped me walk my own path, I highly recommend her to others who are seeking to do the same. Thank you, Kayla for your wisdom and care over the years. Grateful for our continued connection!" - Rochelle R. on Yelp