February 28, 2017

New Moon in Pisces

New Moon in Pisces today, sign of the Fish. Everything is dissolving, or else it needs to, like that lump in your throat. Try some ice cube magic - take a sharpie and write on an ice cube anything that feels stuck, that you feel fixated upon. Put it in a small dish and watch it dissolve. Allow any and all emotions to arise and flow. Take the melted water and pour it down the drain, imagine it leaving you all the way out to the sea. Become fluid in all ways.

Like shafts of sunlight streaming into the sea, there is a hidden opportunity for you to stimulate your deepest self. Will you rise to the challenge? Who could be helpful to you?

They say water and electricity don't mix, but the truth us they are highly conducive to each other. You might feel jolted from your dream state. Use the surge of energy to stimulate your emotional intelligence. Tap into the new moon in Pisces today and ask what does transcendence mean to you? Time to let go of your addictions and start enjoying more vibrant habits and healthier lifestyle choices. Access your inner coach for true motivation... Or your inner couch for deep relaxation, whatever will serve you best.

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