May 13, 2022

Full Moon in Scorpio


Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio, Mercury Retrograde

Taurus - Fixed Earth - what are you fixated on, focused on? Willing to plow through in order to plant those seeds of change?

Scorpio - Fixed Water - where do you feel obsessed or stagnant emotionally? Try some ice cube magic.

Mercury retrograde reminds us to review, review, review. In its natural sign of Gemini, we have the opportunity to reflect upon all we have learned in the last three weeks, and what action steps we will take when Mercury goes direct, particularly in terms of communication, ideas, and to disperse information.. 

Create an altar, focal point, collage, whatever works for you. For me, this meant finding a meaningful cloth, my husband's mother's lace doily will do nicely. I added a centerpiece of fresh flowers from the garden - the Coretta Scott King Roses, deep fuchsia bougainvillea, the last of the orange crocosmia before they go to seed and fade away. If you don't have a garden, splurge on a few blossoms from the farmer's market or your local store, pick wild flowers from the meadows and fields.

Carefully place symbols for the four elements in the four directions. Today I chose a  deep purple sugelite for Earth, a turquoise and gold beeswax candle for Fire, a pale wisp of a shell for Water, and the blue agate athame for Air. Time to let go.

Cast your spell: take a piece of parchment paper on which you have written your intentions in red ink, honoring the blood moon. Roll into a scroll and wrap with red or purple thread, circling it nine times. Bind it by tying nine knots. Sing over it.

Put into your Helpful People Box, bury in your yard, or burn and spread the ashes in running water. Not the ocean, it tends to bring things back. A creek, river, even your toilet - flush and say goodbye.

Open the circle. Bless the moment - This or Something Better Now Occurs for the Highest Good.

So Mote It Be.