November 7, 2012

Secrets to Abundance

• In the ancient art of Feng Shui, spaces (home, office, room, property) are divided up into nine sections, each with a specific “life value” or focus. For today's talk, I am focused on two: Wealth & Abundance (always the furthest corner in the room from the door) and Helpful Beings, (found in the first right hand corner in relation to the door).

• As opposites attract, and balance is often key to resolving any blocks in energy flow, we as business women are often aware of how being in service has a correlation with our income and cash flow. One way to increase our positive cash flow energy is to focus on helpful beings, ie helpful people, friends, family, colleagues, team members, networks and community as well as spirit guides, angels, ancestors  - “all visible and invisible beings”.

• Cigar boxes, pencil boxes, hat boxes, a large bowl, a mason jar - anything can serve as your helpful people box. Nothing too big - you don’t want to psychically burden yourself! Personalize by decorating with pictures of friends, family, spirit guides, goddesses, angels, pets, animal guides, etc. Images of multiples e.g. a ring of fairies has a different feel than a single fairy.

• Helpful people boxes bring chi, positive energy to this life station, whether or not you reinforce it by also placing the helpful people box in the helpful people corner. Bring intention to another life value if placing it in another area e.g. “I now invite helpful people into my career and on my life path.”

• What do I put in it? Business cards, Leads slips, post it notes, index cards, magic money (if making a check out to yourself, mark it VOID), prayers, quotes, fortune cookie messages, written intentions (80% of what we write down comes true in a year - Well Adjusted story), something to represent YOU, your business (gift certificates, flyers). I keep a small notepad in my morning meditation space & start each day by putting in my clients.
• These are emotional deposits- prayers for people who have been helpful to you, e.g. “ Joanne Gramo has always been a helpful person to me. Let her now receive all the help she needs from all the visible and invisible helpful beings, this or something better now occurs for the greatest good.”

• “Unhelpful People” - people who are a pain in your life, soon either become helpful or become resolved. Praying for your enemies builds compassion as well as frees you emotionally - you know you’ve done your best, by turning it over to a higher power(s). E.g.. “May my annoying neighbor now receive all the help he needs to find a different home & move out, or become a helpful person to me by shutting the f* up, this or something better now occurs for the greatest good.”

• It is a symbolic act, and each time you see or use your box, you will be affirming the messages inside. It acts as a psychic “back burner”.

• Clean it out! Don’t let it get cluttered - I clean mine out with each change of season, and any other time I feel my “Power & Money” feels stuck - back to opposites attract, remember? Acts as a psychic “tickler” file for those spells in progress. It’s okay to have more than one - helpful people & spells in progress, home & office, individual & shared, etc.

• Feel the power of focusing your intentions, and visually see your emotional deposits grow. Feel gratitude for your connections and feel your true success.

Thank you for allowing me to be a helpful person to YOU!
Please feel free to contact me for more information, future workshops & lectures or for a personal session.

Kayla Garnet Rose, CHT
Certified Hypnotherapist, Santa Cruz, CA