December 24, 2020

Day 22 - Joy


Day 22 - Joy

Hummingbirds, calicos, the Coretta Scott King rose,

Sun on my face compared to the chill on my nose,

The honking geese flying overhead,

Fresh clean sheets on a fresh made bed.

Tinkling wind chimes, soft fairy lights,

The sound of rainfall on a late summer night.

Living by the ocean, hearing waves and the seals,

Simple, organic, yummy, delicious meals.

Being in the garden, feeling at home,

Cuddling with my husband, tho'  I like to be alone,

Painting, drawing, using scissors and glue,

Writing silly stories, love letters and Haiku.

Singing in the car, dancing with the band,

Hiking in the redwoods, digging toes into sand.

Pet rocks, house plants, crystals and antiques,

Murals on my walls, artwork that's unique.

Collecting cat whiskers, cobalt blue bottles, and tattoos

More than anything else, living here in Santa Cruz.

The Boardwalk, Marine Center, monarch butterflies,

Surfers, tourists, friends, neighbors, and allies.

Good friends, good wine, good conversation,

Being a witness to an ever changing nation,

Wearing long skirts, tho' at heart still a tomboy,

These are a few of the things that I truly enjoy.

Blessed Be!

Kayla Garnet Rose, 2020