May 26, 2020

Journey Through the Tarot

Yay! I have finally published my thesis from 2014 - Journey Through the Tarot: An Integrated System for Holistic Health.

A comparison of the traditional Rider-Waite deck to modern day decks demonstrate how the Tarot can act as an integrated tool for holistic health through the use of archetype, symbol, and allegory.

Tarot readings provide a wealth of information and insight to both the lay person and the professional reader. Each card has the capacity to activate wisdom for personal growth and transformation. It is based on a system hat is easy to learn and can be immediately beneficial for healing in a number of levels: physical, emotional, energetic, intellectual, and spiritual.

This book presents a brief history of the Tarot, an explanation of how information is gained from the cards, and an depth examination of both the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana in terms of their element, numerology and potential for holistic healing.

I'm excited to share these nuggets of esoteric information and hope that you enjoy, savor, and relish this sampling of the Tarot!

Blessed Be!