May 5, 2020

F is for Family!

I have a new grand-daughter! In her honor I made my second children's book, a special ABC to celebrate alternative, extended, blended, and birth families! Full of nonsense verse and lovingly illuminated, now available on Amazon.

A Sampling:

Welcome to the world, Katherine,
How wonderful you will be!
Because you are the blossom,
Of the most amazing family tree!

K is for Aunt Katie, 
Who Knows that kooky kangaroos,
Only eat kiwis in Kansas,

Never key-lime pie.

Q is for Quebec,
Where it is considered quite quaint,
To quaff quinces quietly,
With the quality queen.

U is for Uncle Charlie and Uncle Chip,
Who ultimately understood,
That upside down umbrellas,
Are useless against unicorns.

With lots of branches,
And as you will see,
A few grafts on the vine,
Helped to create
your unique family ABC’s!

Blessed Be!