February 14, 2024

My Key

This morning during meditation

Archangel Michael came to me

Kissed all my chakras open

Wrapped me in his wings

Poured liquid gold into the cracks of my broken heart

Wabi-sabi, it’s whole again

Kissed my sacred yoni

With tongues of fire

Kissed my soles and palms

Releasing the stigma of stigmata

Opened my crown and third eye

So I could see the brilliance inside

Healed my gut, pinched my butt

And told me to Enlighten up

February 7, 2024

Changing Woman


Changing Woman: Poems 2007 - 2016

Kayla used to be a priestess of Aphrodite, but she was such a bitch - all those lessons in love, including jealousy, heartache, misery, and despair. Now she is the Priestess of Laphrodite, Goddess of the Belly laugh. Laughter is the best medicine, but as far as Kayla was concerned, it's also the best lube. Reflecting a time of questing and questioning for our Baby Crone, she changes careers, discovers online dating, and fuels her passion for blogging. 

January 31, 2024


The bully was bullied

The abuser, abused

How do I hold space

For both of the two

January 24, 2024

The Impossible Standard

The Impossible Standard

The problem with being a perfectionist

Is that you'll never cross off the whole list

There's always one more thing to do

Some mystery to solve, a cosmic clue

Every hair needs to be neatly in place

Not a trace of dust or mess in my space

All the dishes done, and the laundry too

Every weed pulled, bills paid, nothing due

Books all proofread, not a single mistake

Everyone thinks you're authentic, but feel like a fake

The occasional smile after a “How are you?”

Not revealing the truth, if they only knew

The depth of my anxiety, how I drown in fear

The shaking of my heart as I hold back my tears

Not thinking that I'm good enough, falling short

Making long-term plans, only then to abort

Business plans, projects, good intentions

So many ideas, too many to mention

Many a million-dollar idea not realized

Many a cherished dream that once I prized

January 17, 2024

Sunday Eclipse

I was the Priestess today, arriving at the Chapter Room early, and then going back out to the main entrance. I greeted each retreatant with a hushed whisper,  “Would you like to see the eclipse?” while handing over the protective glasses. 

This was compassion, offering the first look to the random gentleman who came down the path, making eye contact, smiling, sharing whispers of ancient secrets. Self-compassion - taking in the sun and the moon's energy in Libra straight into my heart, my solar plexus. Feeling my Libra relationships, as I smiled and shared my childlike Joy with each person.

Marianne had tears in her eyes, Sarah grinned ear-to-ear, and Catherine gave me a warm hug. I felt loved and appreciated. I'm so glad I brought them to share and not just for myself. feeling that Venus aspect of self-love, self-care.

I made sure everyone got a turn, but somehow one participant slipped in without me seeing him. This Eclipse will not be seen in North America again until 2039. Truly a Celestial experience. I felt humbled, in awe, and privileged.

January 3, 2024

Tendrils of Belief


Tendrils of Belief: Poems 1997 - 2006 

Picks up the adventures of our Baby Crone five years after Sappho’s Delights. No longer a maiden, she embraces motherhood, becomes a gay divorce, and moves from retail therapy to hypnotherapy. Spanning almost a decade, here is more scrumptious food for thought, nuggets to savor and relish. Inspired by Adrienne Rich’s, On Lies Secrets, and Silence, these tender tales continue a quest into a deeper knowing of self, family, and community. Prayers, meditations, affirmations, and some lamentations.