January 24, 2024

The Impossible Standard

The Impossible Standard

The problem with being a perfectionist

Is that you'll never cross off the whole list

There's always one more thing to do

Some mystery to solve, a cosmic clue

Every hair needs to be neatly in place

Not a trace of dust or mess in my space

All the dishes done, and the laundry too

Every weed pulled, bills paid, nothing due

Books all proofread, not a single mistake

Everyone thinks you're authentic, but feel like a fake

The occasional smile after a “How are you?”

Not revealing the truth, if they only knew

The depth of my anxiety, how I drown in fear

The shaking of my heart as I hold back my tears

Not thinking that I'm good enough, falling short

Making long-term plans, only then to abort

Business plans, projects, good intentions

So many ideas, too many to mention

Many a million-dollar idea not realized

Many a cherished dream that once I prized