September 29, 2021

Troll Bridge


This might be where the trolls live...

 Underneath the bridge
 They need a pass, 
A secret,
 For you to solve a riddle...

Take a moment and notice 
What is puzzling you 
You have all the time you need 
To figure out how 
To move back on your path 
Easily and effortlessly
You are on our way 
Notice your own rhythm
Your own stride
There is plenty of time

September 22, 2021

Life After the Pandemic

The scunge
More sponge
More dishes
Less leftovers
No lunches
Or brunches
More dust
Less fuss
Less impulse buys
When going out for supplies
Less sweeping

Everything else is the same

Corruption, riots.
Protests, my resist

September 15, 2021

Path Meditation


Here you are 
You are on your path
 So slow down 
Take a moment 
You know where you're going 
You know where you've come from

You can just take in the view 
And get some perspective 
More information 

When you're ready 
You'll just continue 
This is your path 

You've made good decisions 
You've made the right choices 
All is well

September 8, 2021

September 1, 2021

Purple Flower Meditation

Today I discovered 

This small purple flower 

Growing out from hard rock 

Creating their own way 

With the other plants 

You know, they're really here

To be as purple as possible 

And so ask yourself 

How can you be even more you 

Even more possible 

Remember, I believe in you 

Just like I believe in 

This purple flower

August 25, 2021

Check Lists

Check emails 
Check  Instagram 
Check Facebook 
Check it off the list
Strike it off 
Cross it out 
Delete it 
Highlight it 
Remove it
Put it on the calendar instead 

Purge it 
Delete history 
Clear phone history 
Clear texts 

Update mailing lists 
White listed
Make files 
Folders in folders
Print  the
List of lists


August 18, 2021

Pomegranate Meditation


Someone gave me this beautiful pomegranate, which I split in half and watched the dark crimson puddle spread on my kitchen counter. I thought to myself, who would enjoy this? I brought it outside with the intention for the ravens to come and feast from the seeds, thinking of Demeter, Persephone, and yes, Hades. But who knows, it could be the black squirrels, the common sparrows, or maybe hummingbird will be attracted to that red juicy center and find what they need  in order to flourish, in order to grow.
Blessed be.