September 8, 2021

September 1, 2021

Purple Flower Meditation

Georgia O'Keefe knew the value of taking the time with the tiniest of flowers.

August 25, 2021

Check Lists

Check emails 
Check  Instagram 
Check Facebook 
Check it off the list
Strike it off 
Cross it out 
Delete it 
Highlight it 
Remove it
Put it on the calendar instead 

Purge it 
Delete history 
Clear phone history 
Clear texts 

Update mailing lists 
White listed
Make files 
Folders in folders
Print  the
List of lists


August 18, 2021

August 11, 2021

Doubt Your Doubts

When I was young, I would cry all the time,
I used to be different, I used to be shy,
I'd stay in my room, my nose in my books, 
I never felt comfortable with any of my looks.

I felt lost behind my glasses, hiding in my hair,
 Over sized sweaters and jeans is all that'd I would wear,
Hiding my body, not comfortable in my skin,
Underweight, even my emotions were thin.

I still cry, but not for no reason,
I become more outgoing every single season,
I feel at home wherever I am,
I'm a tattooed love babe, but I don't have a tan.

I love my glasses, I have excellent hair,
Little black dresses and scarves are what I wear,
Showing my body, feeling comfortable in my skin,
Overweight now, though I somehow still feel thin.

I used to not love myself, but now I do,
Love my cats, my kid, and my husband too.
Love living my life, and feeling loved,
Grounded on the earth, blessed from above.

Blessed be

August 4, 2021

Window of Your Soul

Enjoy this Mini Mindfulness Meditation taken at the New Camaldoli Hermitage, Big Sur, California.

July 28, 2021

Diamond Quality

Diamond Quality

Earn my living honestly
Show gratitude in every way
Honor students, teachers, elders
Calm and patient as the garden
Compassionate as the gardener

This is my vision
My diamond
And there is nothing harder or clearer
Than my resolve