August 11, 2021

Doubt Your Doubts

When I was young, I would cry all the time,
I used to be different, I used to be shy,
I'd stay in my room, my nose in my books, 
I never felt comfortable with any of my looks.

I felt lost behind my glasses, hiding in my hair,
 Over sized sweaters and jeans is all that'd I would wear,
Hiding my body, not comfortable in my skin,
Underweight, even my emotions were thin.

I still cry, but not for no reason,
I become more outgoing every single season,
I feel at home wherever I am,
I'm a tattooed love babe, but I don't have a tan.

I love my glasses, I have excellent hair,
Little black dresses and scarves are what I wear,
Showing my body, feeling comfortable in my skin,
Overweight now, though I somehow still feel thin.

I used to not love myself, but now I do,
Love my cats, my kid, and my husband too.
Love living my life, and feeling loved,
Grounded on the earth, blessed from above.

Blessed be