June 22, 2022

The Picnic

 The Picnic

Let's go on a picnic,

We'll bring our favorite foods,

Everyone is welcome,

No need for attitudes.

We’ll spread a festive blanket,

A checked quilt to make it bright,

Unpack everything mindfully,

Discover just what is right.

Sarah enjoys her Bosco, 

Quite the saucy treat,

Malty good and oh so,

Chocolatey sweet.

What makes a woman’s,

Belly go aflutter?

For Debra, it's easy -

A spoon of peanut butter.

One might wonder, 

Is it crunchy, or is it smooth?

Nanette likes to dip her

Pickles in this ooze.

Kayla only wants plain, white,

Bread and a slice of baloney,

A few salty potato chips, smashed

In order to make it homey.

Now, Rhianna prefers,

Her baloney to be fried,

With a slice of cheddar cheese,

Hidden deep inside.

A plateful of blintzes, 

With bananas is Lisa’s dream,

Of course topped off,

With dollops of fresh sour cream.

For Kristin, there is,

Simply no other,

More sublime than, 

A stick of golden butter.

Carol will char yellow corn

Tortillas without fail,

Smothered in fresh red salsa

And the darkest green kale.

Kimberly, hair swept up,

In a fancy chignon,

Pours luscious caramel,

On her tender filet mignon.

Let's go on a picnic,

We'll bring our favorite foods,

Sharing all our stories,

With Grace and gratitude!