March 8, 2020

Power of Imagination

A recent comment on my Simple Self Hypnosis video - "How exactly do you imagine breathing into your knees? That's extremely confusing."

Good question.

If you are visual, you can simply imagine light or a color infusing each area as you breathe in and out. If you're not visual, here is a more kinesthetic approach:

  • Take a moment to notice your breath right now - are you breathing through your nose or mouth?
  • Take a few more breaths. Can your hear it, or feel it at the back of your throat?
  • Take a couple more deeper breaths, notice the fall and rise off your shoulders, collarbones, spine.
  • Breathing deeper, focus on the fall and rise of your chest and diaphragm. Notice bringing in oxygen, releasing carbon dioxide. With every breath, your body brings that to every cell of your being.
  • Another deep, even breath, relax into your belly. Simply pay attention to the natural expansion and contraction of your midriff.
  • The next breath, soften and open your hips by: moving your knees or feet just a bit; rocking gently back and forth; or going into lotus pose from yoga.
  • The same when breathing into your knees. Simply be aware of your body, allow your knees to relax or contract. Clench them together tightly, then release. This will bring oxygen to the muscles by circulating the blood, hence you really are "breathing into your knees."
  • Move your focus down into your feet, shift them if that feels natural, curl your toes, or flex like a super hero flying through the air, whatever works for you.
  • Then bring your awareness to your hands. You can just clench and unclench to the rhythm of your breath, be conscious of what you are hanging on to, what you are willing to let go of in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms.
I hope that's helpful!