January 25, 2023

Woman on the Edge

I'm a woman on the edge

I'm not mainstream

Sometimes all the politicizing

Just makes me want to scream

They're trying to control our bodies

Trying to control our minds

With social media and TV shows

 And laws that are just unkind

I'm on the edge of screaming

On the edge of rage

Need a little nonviolent communication

Some way to turn the page

I'm on the edge of the circle

Reaching out my hands

Connecting with other women

All across the lands

Connecting with the people of color

Connecting with the men's too

Connecting with all the fabulous queers

Connecting with the Jews.

They can say we're all radicals

They can say we're all unhinged

But we're weaving a stronger tapestry

And they're only see the fringe