June 16, 2021


When I was a young girl, I fell down the stairs,
On my chin, seven stitches put there, 
Then again, when I was about eight,
Fell on the ice when I was doing a skate.

Slipped when jumping at the public pool,
Four more stitches, feeling like a fool.
Once in college, on acid, feeling free,
Thought I was flying when I fell from a tree.

Fifteen years ago, broke my arm inline skating,
Still more fun than the joys of online dating.
About five years ago, sprained both ankles, 
Nothing rhymes with ankles except maybe cankles.

Then last year, my ugg boot got trapped in my skirt,
I ate a lot of concrete, sure wished it had been dirt.
Last Christmas I put too many bottles in the recycling bin,
After it got stuck, my hand was crushed and body pinned.

Falling as a child is different from being an adult,
There's so much more criticism, feeling at fault.
Then there's falling in love, some I  cherish, some  I rue,
But the hardest I've ever fallen, was falling in love with you.