March 6, 2024

Radical Honesty

I was mulling the frozen tilapia when she turned the corner. Her cart almost touched mine. 

"Hi, I love your glasses!"

Sparkly rhinestone encrusted purple rims that match the silver and black ensemble. I admired the glitter of her matching eyeshadow and felt dowdy at best. I hadn't even put my nose rings in.

"Happy holidays! How are you?" she chirped.

There was a moment when it was so easy to slip into the little white lies that everything is just fine if not dandy

"My Dad died on December first. I'm still in shock so here's a little radical honesty."

One does not expect to process in the frozen food section at Trader Joe's, but she revealed her grandfather also recently passed.

We stood there, two women with recipes and grocery lists, errands and chores, just taking a moment to share space amidst crackers and gingerbread, shoppers and shelf stockers, more raw and vulnerable than the tender salmon steaks.

In a time where so many make New Year's resolutions - my teacher Lisa says revolutions - my intentions for this year and here on forward is to keep practicing radical honesty.