November 2, 2022

Recipe for Recurring Nightmares

Recipe for Recurring Nightmares

Black salt


Welcome mat


Dragon's Blood


Amber resin

Write down your recurring dream. 

Who keeps showing up? 

What do they represent? 

What are they thinking about you? What do you think about them? 

Burn this in your cauldron, 

Along with some dragon's blood, Lavender, amber and sage. 

Watch it bubble and burble. Combine the ashes with salt - Kosher, sea salt, Himalayan or Otherwise. Sift thoroughly.

Walk around your space, house Spread evenly. Bless every Corner, quadrant, 

Find a System

Easy to remember

Resonates like childhood.

Crush two sprigs of rosemary 

Under the welcome mat

Where you have written in permanent ink (hence the sharpie) Only those who love me are welcome here now - All those who would do me harm are repelled - this or something better now occurs for the greatest good.

Circle your house, circle your space. Clean the windows with some white vinegar, let in new light.

Take the remainder ashes and bones to flowing water - not the ocean, the waves will bring it back - with the intention to let all the past be now swept away, gone, gone, gone 

Now and forever. 

So mote it be