October 12, 2022

Thoughts on School Lunches

Elementary school, Kent Gardens, McLean, Virginia, 1972 maybe. I have no memory, maybe some tater tots?

Primary school, Luxembourg, I think we had a packed lunch, but there was also the cafeteria. Once I left my retainer on the tray that disappeared into the cleaning area, and my grandmother came to help me look through the garbage for it - we never found it, and my front teeth are crooked to this day.

In middle school, Dover, England they served cheesy-hammy-eggy sandwiches, but I would eschew the eggy. My roommate Sophie and I once had dinner at an Italian restaurant, but she forgot her purse. I waited forever, maybe forty-five minutes, for her to get back to school and retrieve it, the shame I felt in front of the waiters who were sure we were just trying to dine and dash.

I would always put notes in Amber's lunches - Mommy loves you, I am proud of you. I think mostly I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

After this class I will go to Iveta on the west side for their diesel turkey and Havarti cheese sandwich.
Served on the softest whole wheat with just a smidge of mayo and mustard, the freshest crisp green lettuce, and the forbidden tomatoes that have the perfect sprinkle of freshly cracked black pepper.

 $12.50 is a lot for a sandwich, but I'll have the other half later and I'm guaranteed a good nap in between. I might add a bag of potato chips and most likely enjoy a zesty IPA to boot.